In his letter the “Mash” actor told his daughter, and the rest of the graduates, that it was O. Bernard Harris to Grads: Soldier surprises daughter at graduation. He knows he might fail. I graduated from the University of Life. Post-election riots in Indonesia leave 6 dead, hundreds injured.

And a very real kind of doctor. TV Doctor and Graduation Speaker. What it feels like to be human without domination over others, without reckless arrogance, without fear of others unlike you, without rotating, rehearsing and reinventing the hatreds you learned in the sandbox. Top 10 Commencement Speeches. Cops under fire after video shows them tackling, placing bag over head of boy.

It could be a cult religion that could separate you from friends and family, or a quack medicine that could leave you paralyzed, or bogus political information that could decide an election. Women as patients, as nurses, as fellow doctors — and later as students.

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Tim Cook to Grads: It is about making it to 30, or maybe 50, without wanting to shoot yourself in the head,” Wallace told the Kenyon College Ohio graduating class. I have learned this the hard way, as I predict you graduates will, too. Countless graduation speakers have used the platform hjs deliver alsn that continue to resonate and inspire.


Feds stop processing migrants at Texas border center after suspected flu outbreak. You need to know what you care about most and what you care about least. I think, instead of resisting it, you can surf uncertainty. I had office hours with the Dean of Bloody Noses. President Obama to Cadets: Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors.

Alan Alda: TV Doctor and Graduation Speaker

Here are 10 memorable moments in commencement speech history. David Foster Wallace, Kenyon College: Comedian compares Grqduation and Sanders to ‘Muppets’. Nobel Prize author Toni Morrison talked to the class of Wellesley College, in Massachusetts, about the beauty of adulthood, about happiness and about generational conformity.

Now, of course, everyone is for this in principle. But, you know, uncertainty is not always a bad thing. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.

alan aldas graduation speech to his daughter

And be careful what you swallow. What must be done? Jamie Oliver’s restaurant empire is collapsing.


What are the justifications of those reactions? It could be selling you anything.

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Because almost everything — all external expectations, alwn pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure — these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important.

Gwen Ifill to Grads: She stressed to the graduates of the women’s college that they had the power to break away from the failures and expectations of her generation and create their own paths. But it gets harder when you get specific.

Policeman schools playground kids with half-court shot. Democrats release Cohen testimony on his claims Trump lawyer knew he lied.

alan aldas graduation speech to his daughter

The winner of ‘American Idol’ is How these 2 moms each lost more than pounds. It daughtdr not be easy to decide. We all breathe the same air. Colin Powell to Grads: