What can you expect studying Chinese Translation and Interpreting? You should refer to the Program Rules for more information. Career outcomes Graduates of the Classical Languages major typically find careers in government, publishing and editing, museums and cultural centres, archives and libraries, media, education or academia. The major includes speaking and writing courses from beginner to advanced levels, and courses that teach students about Japanese culture, including the different levels of politeness and contextually appropriate expressions that are used in Japanese language and society. Language courses are available for beginning and intermediate students. How do I apply for on-campus accommodation?

Find out more about financial aid , including scholarships and financial aid programs. The core practice-rich disciplines are offered as a major or an extended major: If you’re a current student who has already commenced study at UQ, refer to Programs and Courses in my. Important dates There are a number of dates and deadlines you need to meet when applying for postgraduate study. You can learn more about requirements for registration as a psychologist in Australia from the Psychology Board of Australia. All international student applications for the Master of Writing, Editing and Publishing can be lodged directly to UQ using our online application form or through an approved UQ agent in your country. National and international students are encouraged to apply.

All international student applications creatie the Master of Writing, Editing and Publishing can be lodged directly to UQ using our online application form or through an approved UQ agent in your country. The Creativd and Television major will teach you how to understand and analyse the development of the moving image — from its origins in the 19th century to today.

These may be found on the UQ policies and rules page on the my. In your final year, you’ll have a chance to undertake placements at the UQ Art Museum and writibg range of curatorial internship and professional development opportunities in Australia and internationally. Please click on the major s that are of interest to you for more information. Have you ever wondered if sport contributes more to society than health and fitness?


Creative Writing: Narrative Fiction (WRIT1110)

Courses will develop your capacity to analyse social and political situations, and to engage in, and evaluate, alternative courses of action. Graduates of the Ancient History major typically work in careers that require researching, writing, and presentation skills — particularly with a wide breadth of historical knowledge.

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It helps you to understand music from diverse perspectives, including the scientific study of the human mind, brain and behaviour, emotion, learning and development, and social interaction, through to the everyday uses and therapeutic applications of music. In what month do semesters at UQ start? There are a number of requirements you must satisfy before a visa is granted. The following dual programs are available with qu Bachelor of Arts: Search this site Search UQ.

An invoice with the fees for the current semester will generally be available for viewing on mySI-net overnight.

I am an international student: You can also undertake specialist courses in literature, culture, translation, business and language teaching. Graduates typically work in education, government and arts administration, arts policy, law, publicity, communications, festivals and events, and marketing.

Amy’s experience Career outcomes Graduates of the Chinese major develop competence in spoken Mandarin and written Chinese.

Its attractiveness lies in its ubiquity, openness and lack of convention.

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The Art History major will help you to understand the evolving values of visual cultures by using a range of different approaches. The Spanish major includes language courses from beginner to intermediate levels, as well as courses about Latin American thinking, European film, and the broader Spanish-speaking world.

Courses from the History part of your major cover topics from world history, Chinese history, Middle-Eastern history, and more. Admissions criteria Go to Program details for more information.


Career outcomes Graduates of the Italian major develop competence in speaking, reading and writing Italian.

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If you’re curious about the history of Western culture, then you might be interested in learning two of the most important languages from the ancient world.

Archaeologists search wrihing and excavate ancient sites and examine artefacts to better understand how different peoples and cultures developed and changed over time. Students are also requested to note the following rules: In Defense of Imagination. Gender Studies can only be studied as a minor. The closing date for the Master of Writing, Editing and Publishing is: When you enrol each semester, mySI-net will calculate your fees.

Graduates of the BA go on to many areas of employment.

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Graduates of the Writing major have found work as professional journalists, teachers, editors, ghost-writers, publishers, science communicators, copywriters, playwrights, corporate communicators, public relations managers, travel writers, arts reviewers, bloggers, columnists, critics, feature writers, fiction writers, poets, publishing coordinators, screen writers, speech writers, and digital content developers. History is one of the most exciting and rewarding disciplines to study at university, and considers individuals, societies and civilisations across the globe and through time.

Career outcomes Graduates of the Studies in Australian Culture minor have a strong appreciation of Australian culture and society. Student organisations like Underground Productions, Queensland University Musical Society, and the many cultural clubs provide plenty of opportunities for you to network, socialise and build relationships outside of the classroom.