The price Amazon shows isn’t always the lowest. Amid Baby Lakshmi raised she survived numerous unexpected mischances and episodes throughout everyday life. The songs are to invoke the blessings of various goddesses. Bathukamma represents cultural spirit of Telangana. She was fond of flowers.

What is the story behind Bathukamma festival of Telangana? Its a floral festival, and popular among the people of Telangana. The custard apple is a poor mans apple which grows in the wild with little or no water. Which festival can be the state festival of Andhra Pradesh? Most of the naivedyam offered are very simple to prepare, and usually young children or young girls are mainly involved in the preparation of the offerings for the first eight days of the festival. Later they named their little girl as Bathukamma.

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Bathukamma – Wikipedia

She was very sweet and helpful girl. Ib is not a mythological story but rather historical though there is no written proof for this story. Bathukamma, festival, essay for Students, Youth and Kids.


All these sons were killed in a war. Aligina Bhathukamma alaka Bhathukamma Day 7: Saddula Bhathukamma brothers bring flowers to mother and sisters.

bathukamma essay in telugu

Unable to take the insult Gauri set fire to herself. For the bafhukamma days, in the evening, women, especially young girls, gather in large numbers with their Bathukammas in open areas of their locality.


Why is Dhanteras celebrated? According to one myth Goddess Gauri killed ‘Mahishasura’ the demon telhgu a fierce fight. Five small lumps in cone shape are arranged in the vakili.

Batukamma is arranged with flowers like Meru mountain. The next day when the ladies went to the temple, all they could see behind the temple were a heap of flowers. Chola king, Paraantaka Sundara Chola was in troubles while defending ib attack from Raastrakoota kings.

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Looks like image below. InBatukamma festival is celebrated from October 12 to October. The devotees prayed to her to wake up, and she woke up on the Dasami. How did he disappear? Answered Oct 9, In the erstwhile kingdom of Vemulavaada present Karimnagar DistrictRajarajeswara temple is popular.

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bathukamma essay in telugu

Though I am not sure how far that is true, but I am sure the flowers are sure not as harmful to water as the clay and ni of paris idols painted with chemical colors.

And if the locals are to be believed since most of the flowers and leaves used in making Bathukamma have medicinal and purification properties they actually help in cleansing the water.

Batukamma name is derived from Bruhadamma. On this festival, Batukammas are worshipped. Each day has a name mainly signifying the type of “naivedyam” food offering offered. Essay on, bathukamma in, telugu, bathukamma, festival – Nava Telangana. Which festival can be the state festival of Andhra Pradesh?

Bathukamma Festival of Telangana

As indicated by the Telugu dialect, Bathuku implies life and Amma implies a female names and mother. Women start preparing Bathukamma from the afternoon.

Sappidi pappu Bland boiled lentilsbellam jaggeryand atkulu flattened parboiled rice.