The kindness of most of the hosts made up for the lack of amenities. Many remember the immediate kindness of their foster families. Another exciting time was being taken to Aberystwyth in Wales to see the sea, which I had never done before. She said we should write to our parents. My sister was in floods of tears as my brother was marched away. As their journey into the unknown begins, two young evacuees, complete with their gas masks in boxes, speak to the crew of the train taking them away from their home town or city. It had been impressed upon me that whatever happened I must stay with my closest friend and his older sister.

Order copies We can either copy our records onto paper or deliver them to you digitally. So, it was quite dark and we were the last on the bus when one landlady took pity on us and we were offloaded. Company Registered in England no. I received no answer but, two Saturdays later, the maid came to the bedroom and told me to pack. Most of the content on this site is created by our users, who are members of the public. Live chat For quick pointers Tuesday to Saturday He had a mass of untidy, black hair and two large gold earrings.

So, there were tearful farewells before we set off on our great adventure. There, I found my mother standing outside in the rain.

WW2: Former evacuees look back

After we would sit in the garden and take our sweats out of the packet and put them in a line. I was away for two years, and stayed with three other families before returning home in July There was a trickle back to the cities when the anticipated raids did not start immediately after war broke out.


She refused to come to the door, and the maid who answered, a sour woman dressed in a black-and-white uniform, made it quite clear that they wanted nothing to do with scruffy urchins from the East End.

Tags blitzbookshopchildrenevacuationsecond world war. We were then csae to a boarding school in Wales and only went home once from to Some predicted fvacuee to four million casualties. Evacuation was not compulsory and some parents refused to send children away, despite propaganda posters which encouraged co-operation. The letters and evaucee reproduced — I cherish particularly the label, still complete with its original string, which was hung around my neck during the eventful journey to Blackpool — are undated.

At last the train stopped and we all got out and got into coaches, which took us to a big hall, where we shouted our names out then you went to your teacher in the corner of the room.

Evacuees – The National Archives

Search Discovery, our cataloguefor files relating to evacuation policy. She took me by bus to Torquay, where she went up and down the streets, knocking at doors and asking if anyone would take an evacuee.

We got on a train and went wa2 a large room in a village called Gamlingay. We can either copy our records onto paper or deliver them to you digitally. As another conflict became inevitable reports suggested that bombing raids would cause carnage in urban areas.

After the war I kept in touch and ended up moving to Pulborough.

case study evacuee ww2

Sign me up to the mailing list Subscribe now for regular news, updates and priority booking for events. Every morning, American children salute the flag and recite the pledge of allegiance; for us, they thoughtfully placed a Union Jack that we could face. Maiden ladies, and sisters as alike as peas in a pod, they had a number of life-size dolls around the house, beautifully dressed, and obviously looked rvacuee as the children they never had. My comment as I put down the phone was: Wish you were here” — and then, the following morning I somehow managed to steal an envelope and stamp and wrote a rather more truthful letter home.


Case Study 7: World War II evacuation project / Historical Association

Name cards were pinned to the dw2 of their coats and many sang to keep their spirits up. Despite the planning the evacuation did not run like clockwork. The National Archives does not hold any evacuee records for individuals.

Vase quick pointers Tuesday to Saturday The arrival of large numbers of evacuees in towns and villages unsurprisingly created quite an impact. See our moderation policy for more details. Some children were sent to Canada, Australia and the US.

We had such a lot of fun playing on the sledge when it was snowing. Family Tree Live – round-up of an amazing family history show! We walked, a long line of us, from school to the railway station, carrying our luggage and gas masks.

The Shropshire school created and developed the World War II evacuation project working closely with its Peckham school partner.

case study evacuee ww2

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