The choice of an in-depth case study explains the specificity of my research question and sub-questions2. Connections or collaborations between communities, NGOs, and LGUs are examples of bridged social capital, while the connections and relationships within each of these units are forms of bonded social capital Adler and Kwon, , Social capital in practice Lin identifies four main arguments to why investment in social networks is successful in instances that cannot be explained by personal capital such as human, cultural, and economic capital. Nevertheless, when talking about the label of taga ilog, it was clear that the respondents feel misinterpreted by the larger community in the NCR, and that this has effect on how the people of the estero are being treated. Pas- sive migrants on the other hand have a higher tendency to change their area of destination when obstacles appear, as it is the factors pushing the migrant away from their place of origin that determine the choice to migrate.

By setting a sharp deadline on the PPHI and the PRRCs, I believe that the two interests become more con- flicting than they would be had there been more time to work on a solution. Gotangco , and Justin Charles G. Log In Sign Up. I believe that the risk of a new fire build up the urgency for the families to complete the PPHI. Furthermore, by engaging in the PPHI, the people of Legarda protect their bonded social capital from disintegrating in the relocation sites. Ph locator ncr manila. Volunteers are trained to organize environmental programs and assume stewardship of the project.

The residents along the riverbank are de- pendent on their centrally located homes, as these provide a social safety net among neighbours, a place to live, and also a place of production within the city Hellman, The responses I got were similar: Basic Viewpoints for the Rehabilitation of Water Environment. Limitations Ideally I would have wanted to live in the community during the course of my field work, but unfortunately I could not find any appropriate location iloh stay in.

Unlike government agencies, KBPIP was a ilg with a limited duration which did not afford organizers to get obsessed with overly complicated studies or plans.

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The governmental passig to the case of Legarda is motivated by environmental and economic drivers. Climate Change 2 5— An outside actor could invest or trust a person from Legarda that they would have re- fused if it had not been for their social connections.


case study ilog pasig

In this last section of the results chapter, I will explore and discuss the data further with my own interpretations and analysis in focus.

In many government agencies, corruption continues to eat up sizable portions of government resources World Stjdy Since the level of participation in the study is low, my observations in the field have been collected from an outsider perspective.

On an aesthetic aspect, the Estero de Paco project is a vast improvement from the previous depressed condition paisg the area.

The encounters with stuy people of the study were intense, and the ev- eryday struggles of people in a vulnerable position quite naturally inspire emotional investment and empathy. Most of the codes chosen emerged through In Vivo coding.

A big part of the work of UPA is to make sure that the people of Legarda are aware of their rights and that they know how to claim them.

Furthermore, due to the need for collec- ilot action in risk mitigation, social capital can be seen as a necessary element for successful adaptation through the sharing of knowledge and information about climate risks Adger, The new Aquino administration owe part of their success to the urban poor federation, the covenant between the urban poor federation and the presi- dent is thus studyy resource that NML use in their PPHI engagement, and bridged social capital has been formed.

The eviction was never realised since the threat of demolition caused the community to start organising themselves, for instance by protesting and holding etudy outside of the Manila City Hall. My associ- ation with the main office of the large network gave me access to UPA and my main UPA contact introduced me to the community and explained the reason for my visit.

In the city on the other hand, these services are easily accessible and there are more livelihood opportunities Interview 17, Berner describes cities as poverty alleviators, iloy areas have many livelihood opportunities; which is one of the reasons why impoverished peo- ple migrate from rural areas to live informally in the NCR Berner, Firstly, by keeping social ties fluid, the flow of information becomes facilitated, this can lead to an increase of opportunities to gain other forms of capital, such as a new job, which would lead to an increase of ipog and economic capital.


Case study about ilog pasig writing grade 10 essay now

When I asked my respondents why they were so chocked over the defeat in the land negotiations, they said that they sfudy been ensured that there were no problems and that the negotiations were running smoothly Interview 12, 13, Master Thesis Urban Water Governance. Note that these characteristics are meant to describe the acquisition and accumulation of social capital, they do not exclude one another and can be present simultaneously.

Economic Geography 79 4— Volunteers are trained to organize environmental programs and assume stewardship of the project. These sub-projects include the following: The UDHA law stipulates that the urban poor must be given decent and affordable hous- ing and discourages relocation of informal settlers.

However, I interpret the intentions behind the taga ilog-to-homeowner efforts as a combination of push and pull factors that motivates the com- munity to engage in the PPHI, where being treated as taga ilog is the push factor, and becoming a homeowner and a part of the city is the pull factor4.

I argue that even though living in Legarda has the advantage of being rent free, the PPHI is still a preferred option to the community, compared to relocating away from Manila. Help Center Find new research papers in: A presidential term in the Philippines lasts for six years; both rehabilitation, and the land tenure security for the urban poor, are issues that need continuity.

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case study ilog pasig

Sutdy Cake Prhitz Dadap. AFI signed a memorandum of agreement with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources on March which aimed to secure the official support of the government as well as delineate roles and responsibilities.