The weekend cricket, trek, quarterly trips and team meetings and many more. How to install NS2 in intrepid ibex or fedora 8. Hi Senthil,I have viva Bits hyderabad next month. Replied Hello Binesh, I replied to your email address. I have learnt that its always a nice trick to score well in Mid-Sem exams.

The professor raised few questions and I answered them. In the earlier blog about the 3rd semester, I had mentioned about waiting for the grade of one more subject. Come up with an approach where in array is rearranged such that, all 0’s appear first followed by 1’s and then 2’s. Posted by Suchita on Nov 15th, at Submit the project updates to your Professor Mentor before the deadline. Friday, August 5, Last day at NetApp! If there is any, then the game ends.

Then after installing open it. The opponent team had scored 84 in 10 overs. I am right now in my first semester.

This is how JJ looks on my comp. Still many more features to explorer and more precisely the above ones were GUI related.

Techie-Builder: BITS Pilani MS Dissertation experience

Friday, August 5, Last day at NetApp! I can say this is the luckiest OS of all times for me, I did get placed – dont mind crediting II for it: I have had a wonderful experience playing cricket at LSI.


dissertation bits pilani ms

So, to do that try the following Go to Run in Start Menu. This weekend, I had planned to download and install the Ubuntu Indentation is very important in python. Its one of the common interview questions where you will be asked to display elements of a 2-D matrix Spirally. Is it really required to do MS at all? Dissertatuon Senthil,I have viva Bits hyderabad next month. Two other friends of mine Avinash and Abhijit also got the same site for their dissertation.

Literally I could apply thoughts which I lacked during my earlier semesters. Came home and got my hands dirt with the things they taught in the session.

dissertation bits pilani ms

This gives you a self satisfaction that you did MS at-least. Python pickling helped me rule out the problem.

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Find out by taking a free full-length practice test. Posted by Suchita on Nov 15th, at If your project is not at all acceptable and needs to be redone. The recent team outing at the Royal Orchid Resort is a heavy load to cherish: Posted dissretation Deepti on Nov 12th, at And it was very very useful.


dissertation bits pilani ms

Finally if readlines function is used, we can display the fetched content using disserfation. So, we need to download the patch and patch it with the old source code.

If there is any, then the game ends. I was trying to write the code for the same.

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Thanks to google for providing such a platform, and giving free hosting: Before using pickling, I had a tough time to have the entire data in a single file. Last time I had posted something about Ubuntu was in Jan Though I am blogging a bit late about it, better late than never. Posted by Chandu at 2: Using python it is very simple.