For these water resources, the exploitation of the transfer is simulated using a decision support system, providing volumes that could be transferred to the Segura basin according to its operating rule. Here, we validate the solver and illustrate the model sensitivity to water content, channel curvature, content of fine material and channel bed roughness. The flux is not steady over the year but happens episodically at the end of the wet season or after exceptional precipitation events. Energy and water fluxes, Geosci. A comparison of chemical and isotopic hydrograph separation, Water Resour.

Two subdivisions allowed a correct distribution of frequencies and supplies of water and sediments. Article Peer review Metrics Related articles. Doubled CC rates reported by other studies are an exception in our data set. From spatially variable streamflow to distributed hydrological models: Model-based quantification of runoff generation processes at high spatial and temporal resolution, Environ. Hydrologic modeling in dynamic catchments: Uniqueness of place and process representations in hydrological modelling, Hydrol.

Reevaluation of transit time distributions, mean transit times and their relation to catchment topography, Hydrol. Here we apply a high-resolution computer model to explore the dissergation importance of each factor on the North American High Plains, one of the most important agricultural regions of the USA. A new approach for improving process conceptualization in hillslope hydrology, J.

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Additionally, this work presents a novel holistic modeling approach, which can be transferred to similar karst systems for studying the impact of climate change on local karst water resources.

We developed a new tracer-aided hydrological model for karst catchments. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences. Dissertatlon over this spatial heterogeneity leads to biased estimates of fluxes in ESMs.


We analyse the effect of a statistical correction technique applied to the driving meteorological forecasts on the performance of the resulting streamflow forecasts. The extent of this effect on warming is controlled by the change in river discharge and lake hydraulic residence time. Review and evaluation, J. A research effort involving Switzerland, Georgia and the Czech Republic has been launched to evaluate the relation between snowpack and summer low flows.

Seasonal fissertation land use dependent variability of soil hydraulic and soil hydrological properties of two Northern German soils, Geoderma,—, Processes involved will be also evaluated by mean by means of high frequency sampling of the environmental isotopes 18O and 2H.

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Rooting depth has proven challenging to estimate. Analysis of key modeling decisions, Water Resour. Effects of watershed topography, soils, land use, and climate on baseflow hydrology in humid regions: Linking measurements, analyses, and models to advance the science of hydrology, Water Resour.

Bayesian analysis of input uncertainty in hydrological modeling: Weerts, and Wilco Hazeleger.

dissertation hubert weerts

Dual state—parameter estimation of hydrological models using ensemble Kalman filter, Adv. To simulate the water balance of, e.

dissertation hubert weerts

This finding is significant because the improved forecasts help water managers and users of the service to make better-informed decisions. Season-ahead rainfall forecast is very important for water resource management. This coupled method is applied to spatially interpolate runoff in the Huaihe River basin of China.

Effect of catchment-scale dlssertation mixing on stream isotopic response, Water Resour. Episodic increases in stream acidity, catchment flow pathways and hydrograph separation, PhD dissertation, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, The study shows that the climate-derived S r values are not only linked to climate, but can also be directly linked to vegetation characteristics, and that the non- coincidence of snow melt and potential evaporation can have a large influence on the derived S r values.


dissertation hubert weerts

Energy and water fluxes, Geosci. We compared its results with values obtained by calibrating a dynamic water balance model.

By realizing that hydrological models are not one single hypothesis, but an assemblage of many hypotheses, new ways to scrutinize hydrological models are needed. The importance of topography-controlled sub-grid process heterogeneity and semi-quantitative prior constraints in distributed hydrological models, Hydrol. Moreover, climate change simulations showed that the contribution of dossertation ET to annual water budgets will increase in the future.

The method is based on local data collection in the field, and a visual assessment of surface runoff traces from a distance, which makes it suitable for larger areas than traditional field mapping. Use of soft data for multicriteria model calibration, Water Resour. Multicriteria calibration dissertattion hydrological models, PhD dissertation, Univ. Rainfall was identified as an important stream water source in the forest and smallholder agriculture sub-catchments, while springs were more important in the commercial tea plantation sub-catchment.

We developed a lecture theatre experiment including some student involvement to illustrate the principles behind this modelling technique.