You can see the mist raising from the bottom of the falls even as Chalakkudy river quietly flow away….. However, you can change your cookie settings at any time. All these are monitored and administered by Vazahal Forest Department. Poorna just stopped the car when he saw a glimpse of it. To reach here one can either hire a private taxi or avail a bus from the Chalakudy bus station. At Vazahal the car parking arrangement was available.

So many beautiful waterfalls, I never knew there was so many in India! A nice pebbled pathway to the bottom of the falls. We parked our car. Taxis are available from these towns. The road between Athirapally and Vazhachal is so beautiful. The cab person arrived at our place at sharp hrs and we started our trip to the lush green forest of Kerala.

So after planning and deciding how to visit we thought of taking train from Chennai on Wednesday so that we can enjoy Cochin in 04 days i. Used it to plan my own trip. It has a lot to offer and is often unnoticed because of Goa or the new upcoming destination — Hampi.

The road between Athirapally and Vazhachal is so beautiful. Your information is safe and will never be shared. I prefer it more than man-made attractions. July 28, at 4: One of the reasons behind the popularity of Athirappilly Falls are the movies that were shot here. It is a pleasant walk waterfaols the shade of tall trees, however, the descent gets steeper as you move further. Plantations in the warerfalls contain teakbambooand eucalyptus.


There are many plantations in this area.

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This watrrfalls is like a little piece of paradise. Classified as one of the finest waterfalls in India, Vazhahal Waterfall cascades on the edge of the Sholayar forest range in Kerala.

Hi Abhee ji, thanks for taking us to these beautiful water falls. The water level was high and the spray of mist made us all wet.

Athirappilly Falls

It would be fun to walk on that hanging bridge. So beautiful and green all around!!

essay on athirapally waterfalls

We reached Ezhattumugham and stopped for some pics. That monkey is too cute! Radhakrishnan, a former member generationKSEB, has opined that this panel report was highly biased with vested interests and the project was eco-friendly doing minimum damage to environment and forests.

essay on athirapally waterfalls

Enjoying near the waterfall. It is also the largest waterfalls in Kerala. These plantations usually consists of teak, eucalyptus, bamboo etc. Distance from Cochin to Athirapally Falls is about kilometers and the nearest airport to Athirapally falls is Cochin International Airport which is situated about 40 kilometers away.


A Day Trip from Kochi to Athirapally Falls, Vazhachal falls and Ezhattumugam

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If there is so much cascading water in the month of May, I wonder what these waterfalls might look like when monsoon is in full swing.

We were also fortunate to see three big and beautiful waterfalls too. It may take another year or so to complete all developments. You have beautifully provided the information on these places.

December 24, at 1: We parked our car. After a quick stopover at Kaladi to visit the birthplace of Adi Shankaracharya, we continued our drive to Athirapally Falls.

The Thumboormuzhy River Garden looks so beautiful. Kn of Thrissur district Tourism in Kerala.