The natural ‘Dividing Line’ discussed by Dirac between entities precisely mathematically describable and the rest is identified, the two parts distinguished as; physical entities and interactions and; metaphysical. Field and relative orientations on interaction detection varies intensity distribution as the cosine, as Malus’s Law. Often described as the set of all possible outcomes sample space is also an infinite scale hierarchy of many higher order spaces or sub- sets in which variables must be separately enumerated. Thus, if this principle really does underlie quantum mechanics, it means that the term “background independent quantum theory” has to be considered a contradiction, which has implications for the search for a quantum theory of gravity. The initially counter-intuitive lessons to be learnt are difficult to generalize and easy to forget. Log In Sign Up. Bell assumed simple binaries precisely modelled reality.

The talk can be seen at pirsa. The EPR scenario uses similar opposite handed split spin pairs, but is at long distance to avoid such local effects. Wigner, unlike Dirac didn’t recognise the domain boundary line, so some often now wrongly seem to assume that equations are nature! Despite experimental difficulties the predictions are so far verified, but as with Born’s Rule no mechanism is offered. The energy distribution is then asymmetric on interaction and non linear. This article is a summary of the development of the possibility that the time is quantized further given, along with the graviton and angular momentum, for links between particles and stars. The text also addresses in a nonmathematical way the wavelength of electromagnetic waves, the frequency of gravitational waves, gravitational and electromagnetic waves having identical speed, the gamma-ray burst designated GRB , the smoothness of space, Self-influence and ESP caused by quantum entanglement in time, and Human involvement in the retrocausality of gravity, electromagnetism and matter.


The Tao of It and Bit. Non-standard Models and the Sociology of Cosmology. The talk can be seen here.

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Quantum logic, layered and ‘time stepping’ maths may 20113 least help improve mathematical precision in describing uncertainties in nature. April 8, esssay A datum is essential in the EPR case. Difficult to visualize, sample space needs explanations and examples to reveal it’s full power.

The physical ’cause’ of this inequality of correlations is then moved from some metaphysical statistical ‘space’ between A and B to the real physical interactions at each detector.

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This article can also be viewed by going to http: March 26, at A clear conclusion is that nature cannot be summed up or reduced to integers or bit’s.

Quantum Gravity and String Theory. Only then can any measurements be produced. EessayMichelle Trudgett.

Quantum Gravity and String Theory

Knuth’s start-up company Autonomous Exploration Inc. Some set of causal ‘rules’ may exist but the results of interactions can’t be predicted. Because charge density reduces non linearly, around the orbit so does the relative density, and so will the findings.

fqxi essay 2013

The rule’s domain limits may be characterised as temporal and a classical scales provisionally between galaxy and molecular levels, proposing; b No two entities are absolutely identical at any instant. Quantum Realism Chapter 3: This article is a summary of the development of the possibility that the time is quantized further given, along with the graviton and angular momentum, for links between particles and stars.

It further believes that all orbits orbit at the same speed, which is the highest for phenomena thermodynamic.

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A ‘universe as a computer’ would exist to find what’s not known not what is. Photonic Floquet topological insulators. Esssy 10 pages v2: The tubular body of the ring is itself counter-wound with two more continuous helices.


We gratefully acknowledge support from the Simons Foundation and member institutions. Moore’s law of annual power doubling now applies to qubits. We argue that this is a way of presenting how domain wall physics may impact faxi production which in turn has, through Dodelson and his off diagonal stress energy terms consequences as to non uniform tqxi of space time cosmology.

Abstract An intelligent ‘IQbit’ is found in hierarchical ‘Sample Space’ sub-sets hidden in the Excluded Middle between binary 0,1 values. Only one ‘new’ choice then remains, with Such hidden higher order factors must then be parametrized.

fqxi essay 2013

V6, no8, http: Helicity dependent directional surface plasmon polariton excitation using a metasurface with interfacial phase discontinuity. Better conceptual understanding of the real ‘reducing middle’ to consider nature in full will enable mathematics to follow sound conceptualization.

The idea is that in being to ourselves the most authentic sample of the term observer we should also represent to ourselves the purest sample possible of the term wave function. Here we consider the issue within the context of a general relation between the role of physical objects against the background in shaping the pattern of distinctions that can then be translated into dqxi.

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