They have been a great development partner for us for WordPress and Woocommerce. For buyers, these forums generally require face-to-face interactions and significant amount of time and effort in researching product attributes, product availability and prices. The sellers input information on the product, including descriptions and photographs and often provide hyperlinks to other websites. In case minors under 19 purchase items without consent from their legal representative, they can cancel the purchase. We use cookies to tailor your experience and measure site performance. We employ various proprietary and third party software to protect confidential information stored in our databases.

As a result, they end up doing things on their own the hard way. Product listing Imports all products of the store. According to the Korea National Statistical Office, there were 4, online shopping malls that constituted the retail e-commerce industry in Korea, accounting for a total GMV of approximately Won The assumptions used in calculating the fair value of stock-based awards represent our best estimates, but these estimates involve inherent uncertainties and the application of management judgment. No assurance can be given that the sale of ADSs would be made at a price satisfactory to you in such circumstances. General and administrative expenses. Capital expenditures relate to purchases of computers and servers and other technology systems hardware and software to accommodate the growth of our business.

If you receive a defective item, you can contact the seller directly if you are able to speak Korean. South Korea is the seventh largest retail ecommerce market in the world and the third largest in Asia Pacific, after China and Japan. We are subject to regulations relating to privacy, maintenance and use of confidential information of our users.

A distance selling trader which fails to comply with the requirement of the amended Act will be subject to a fine of five million Won.

Our website is located at www. Bulk Upload Just, choose and upload the products in Bulk. Our results of operations may occasionally be impacted by other factors such as unseasonably hot weather or warm winters which delay purchases of higher margin fall or winter clothing or occurrence of extended holiday periods in which reduced shopping occurs.

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Click on flags and you can easily Move to the position. The mileage program reserve calculation incorporates judgments and assumptions regarding syudy customer earnings studdy redemption patterns and is based on specific historical experience.

We seek to protect our intellectual property rights through the use of patents, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, trade secrets stuvy other similar intellectual property protection and we regard our ability to protect such rights as being critical to our reputation, business and prospects. Our network and system infrastructure, including our network and systems hardware, software and communications systems, must support significant amounts of data, information and transaction volume generated by the high number of buyers, sellers and products offered on our e-commerce marketplace.


Our service quality management division monitors transactions from time to time to ensure delivery is conducted in a timely and efficient manner and to address any recurring problems.

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Also, the online service provider may only gather the minimum necessary information directly related to the service it provides. However, we face a number of challenges in growing our business including increased competition as the retail e-commerce industry continues to grow.

Our caes and administrative expenses increased upon the completion of our listing on Nasdaq, in connection with our obligation to comply with the reporting requirements under the Exchange Act as well as other requirements under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other costs associated with being a public company in the United States.

Duringwe improved our Digital Voucher Market service by including vouchers for movies, concerts and sporting events. We used the average expected volatility rates reported by the comparable group for an expected term that approximated the expected term that we estimated.

Online shopping is getting more and more popular all over the world. Although we currently archive our databases periodically, store our backup data at KIDC and maintain back-up systems, stdy systems are vulnerable to damage and no assurance can be given that such backups will be adequate to protect the data and other information or that we will be able to continue our business operations without a material delay or loss of data in the event of damage to our systems from natural disasters, fire, power loss, telecommunications failures, break-ins, sabotage, computer viruses, intentional acts of Internet vandalism, human error or other similar events.

This will give you more payment options, including foreign credit cards and Paypal. Sign up for our email newsletter Sign Up. It was not practicable to calculate the expected volatility of our share price before ADSs were listed on Nasdaq.

We will need to introduce new products and services, improve our customer services, grow our advertising revenues and income, customer loyalty and attract new users from csse or attract new users in order to continue our profitability and growth.


Automates Orders Single step for fulfilling order. Interpark Corporation, and its affiliates own approximately Sgudy cases where a buyer earns a stamp as a result of a purchase transaction and then successfully converts this stamp into a coupon, the related reserve in respect of the stamp is released and a reserve is created in respect of the discount coupon.

If the Korea National Tax Service determines that we do not qualify as a Tax-Benefit Business, we may not enjoy certain statutory tax benefits and may be required to pay additional taxes and statutory interest. Interruptions or failures of our network and systems infrastructure, including our communications systems, could lead to significant downtimes, interruptions and loss of data, which could damage our reputation and brand name and harm our business, financial condition and results of operations.

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It already has 14 warehouses and plans to grow to 21 byto make shipping even faster. Our corporate affairs gmarkwt governed by our articles of incorporation and by the laws and regulations governing Korean corporations. Product Listing and Sale.

gmarket case study

The BPP will operate on a membership basis, and we expect more manufacturers will join the program in order to strengthen protection for their intellectual property rights. We believe that the extended Chuseok holiday period affected our sales in that many of our customers who would have otherwise spent time shopping on our website instead were away on vacation.

Our strategy is to improve our leading market position by implementing certain key strategic initiatives, which include the following:. Regardless of the outcome under the Korean Trademark Act, we are also considering protecting our trade name in the future through the Korean Unfair Competition Prevention and Trade Secret Protection Act by pursuing enjoinment actions against any third-parties that attempt to use our trade name on the basis that our trade name is well-known to the general public in Korea, however, no assurance can be given that we will ultimately prevail on the merits of such claim or that we will be able to protect or gmarkst all of our intellectual property rights adequately.

This will give you more search results, and you can still use the English site to order them.