With our help, your homework will never be the same! The physician has ordered a histoplasmosis test for the elderly client. The client should be taught that the medication may:. The physician orders lisinopril Zestril and furosemide Lasix to be administered concomitantly to the client with hypertension. Which nursing assessment should be reported to the doctor?

Which of the following statements by the client indicates a need for further teaching? At 1 minute, the nurse could expect to find:. The nurse is caring for a client admitted with epiglottis. The nurse is assessing the client with a total knee replacement 2 hours post-operative. The nurse’s assessment of this data is:. The nurse is caring for a neonate whose mother is diabetic. The nurse should administer the medication:.

A 2-year-old is admitted for repair of a fractured femur and is placed in Bryant’s traction. The nurse is caring for a client admitted with multiple trauma.

A client with vaginal cancer is being treated with a radioactive vaginal implant. What would the nurse expect the admitting assessment to reveal? The client has elected to have epidural anesthesia to relieve labor pain. The physician has written an order to transfuse 2 units of whole blood.

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cervicall A client on the postpartum unit has a proctoepisiotomy. The client is admitted with left-sided congestive heart failure. The next action the nurse should take is to:. Which statement is true regarding insulin needs during pregnancy?


Attached file Cervical Cancer. The nurse notes a previously used bottle of normal saline on the client’s bedside table.

hesi case study cervical cancer answers

A year-old African American male is admitted with sickle cell anemia. The most appropriate initial action would be to:. The nurse should give priority to assessing the client for:. Which of the following outcome criteria would the nurse use?

On the diagram, place an X heesi the Tail of Spence. The safest method of changing caze tracheotomy ties is to:. The nurse tells the shopper:. Vaginal exam reveals that the client’s cervix is 8cm dilated, with complete effacement. Hips are elevated above the level of the body on a pillow and the legs are suspended parallel to the bed.

Lack of knowledge of room nuumbr does not relect disorientation or memory loss. Which of the following diet instructions should be given to the client with recurring urinary tract infections? The teenager with a fiberglass cast asks the nurse if it will be okay to allow his friends to autograph his cast.


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hesi case study cervical cancer answers

Assume that there are orders for each intervention. Canceer of the following actions should the nurse take first? A vaginal exam reveals that she is 2cm dilated.

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The nurse would answdrs the cardiac arrhythmia as:. Nursing care of the newborn should include:. A client in the family planning clinic asks the nurse about the most likely time for her to conceive. Which IV fluid would be most appropriate for the client?

The nurse’s response is based on the knowledge that:.

During examination, the nurse notes a papular lesion on the perineum.