March after South Africa had left the Commonwealth, see A. Like Krueger, Volkelt engaged with Wundt’s ethnopsychology again and again over the years. Pratt claimed he had been shooting ‘the epitome of apartheid’. Verwoerd’s timetable includes the names of researchers, scholars and a few academics who were not lecturers at the institute. Verwoerd’s most important contact and instructor, after Volkelt, was Otto Klemm See also the rejoinder by W. David Pratt was initially held under the emergency regulations, declared on 30 March , nine days after the Sharpeville massacre and shortly after Verwoerd received a death threat with a red note reading, “Today we kill Verwoerd”.

Verwoerd’s Croll Scholarship began in January and was valid until the end of his stay overseas in January The still blood-stained carpet where Verwoerd lay after his murder remained in Parliament until it was removed in The fact that Wundt was convinced that the “higher” psychic processes could not be researched experimentally, rendered his ethnopsychology less positivistic and experimental than his psychological research. Hepple, Verwoerd Pelican, Harmondsworth, , p His father took up a position in the church in Brandfort , Orange Free State.

Ethnopsychology was open to racist explanations that were popular in white settler colonies like South Africa from the end of the nineteenth century onwards.

The significance of space and setting : a critical analysis of selected South African fiction

Hepple, Verwoerd Pelican, Harmondsworth,p Both theories observed a gradient between different civilisations and placed them in an evolutionary sequence. Friedrich Sander would be a typical case, but he will not be treated here, because Verwoerd had nothing to do with him.

Das mythische Denken, Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, Darmstadt,pp 43ff. He was buried in the Heroes’ Acre. Within minutes of the assassination attempt, Verwoerd—still conscious and blood gushing from his bf rushed to the nearby Johannesburg Hospital.

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Albert Wellek, a student of Krueger’s in the s, explained that feelings lost their intensity when under observation, making it impossible to analyse them. In it, Volkelt highlighted puberty and adolescence as distinct phases in the human life cycle, underlining their immense importance for orientation in later life. He was taken to the Marshall Verwoers police station and later transferred to the Forensic Medical Laboratory due to his peculiar behaviour.


However, children were unable to differentiate these complex qualities. Verwoerd’s thexis objective in going to Germany was to become acquainted with the latest trends in international psychology. Despite his eager involvement with National Socialism, Volkelt’s application to become Krueger’s successor was not considered, despite Volkelt’s protests and intrigues, See Thiermann, “Zur Geschichte des Leipziger Psychologischen Institutes”, pp ff.

There is no need for any immediate operation. This section relies largely or entirely upon a single source. Retrieved 6 September The object of this thesis is to explore space and setting as used by South African fiction writers within the ideological framework of apartheid. Verwoerd; the negative influences brought about by the Land Act of ; the opposing statement of the African National Congress; the thesiss that followed the uprooting of Africans from one location to another and give way for the building of European setting such as Triomf that replaced Sophiatown; the unilaterally decided toponymy of South African towns and cities with the belated African-inspired toponymy that came along with Bantustans; the ninety-nine year leasehold introduced when the four-roomed houses started being sold to Africans; the hardships brought about by the pass laws especially the introduction of the ‘book of life’ by Dr.

Chapter Four is the conclusion. Verwoerd characterised apartheid as merely “good-neighbourliness”, but its practical effects have been widely condemned, then and since, as a form of racism.

They won the elections with a very narrow majority of five seats in Parliament, although they only got 40 percent of the voter support. Ash, Gestalt Psychology in Theis Culture, Swart from the Free State as candidates to head the party. A uniformed parliamentary messenger named Dimitri Tsafendas stabbed Verwoerd in the neck and chest four times before being subdued by other members of the Assembly.


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In investigating Moodie’s allegations regarding the formative influence of German intellectuals on Afrikaner nationalism, it makes sense to concentrate on Verwoerd’s time in Leipzig because the Psychological Institute there is the most likely site of the alleged political influence from German scholars.

For this reason I was unable to check the diary of his journey to South Africa vewroerd which he would have recorded every meeting.

hf verwoerd thesis

I shall begin with the Leipzig school and its main representatives. The Weimar Republic was in a phase of political stabilisation in and not on the verge of collapse, as alleged by Alex Hepple, nor was the Nazi dictatorship foreseeable. Wundt himself moved ethnopsychology methodologically close to child psychology in “Die Philosophie jf primitiven Menschen”, in W.

Krueger also took this position when criticising Kantian epistemology for giving centre stage to reason in the enlightenment tradition.

Klemm’s family had contacts to liberal intellectual circles that were suspicious of the thinking associated with the ideas of the volk and National Socialism.

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The Verwoerd family settled in South Africa for ten years, after which they moved to Bulawayo, Rhodesia where the elder Verwoerd became an thesiis evangelist in the Dutch Reformed Church. See the condescending remarks by Krueger on the Berlin gestalt psychologists in F.

hf verwoerd thesis

Volkelt apparently knew Kidd’s book. During this period, the National Party government continued to foster the development of a military industrial complex, that successfully pioneered developments in native armaments manufacturing, including aircraft, small arms, armoured vehicles, and even nuclear and biological weapons.

Cassirer, Philosophie der symbolischen Formen, vol. See also his publication H.