If our school closes down, we’re all in trouble. I can’t hear you. We’re gonna jam all night We’ll be getting on down To the morning light We’ll be fooling around But with my homework I’m stuck here again I should be on the stage, gonna entertain Why does homework always get you down, down, down? Too cool, too cool for school I’m the one and only The original Too cool, too cool for school A total living legend The king ofthem all Too cool, too cool for school I’m the one and only The original Too cool, too cool for school Na na na na na I’m nobody’s fool Na na na-na na Come on. United Kingdom theatrical release poster.

Fans of Horrid Henry books and the TV programme will enjoy this. You really are my best boys. What are you doing here, Miss Lovely? The traumatic experience motivates them to work together to save Ashton Primary. They know there’s a boy here. So spirited, just like in my day.

Henry’s not doing his homework! And we also encourage every child to make a contribution to the glory of our school.

horrid henry horrid homework haze song

Your Amazon Music account is currently associated with a different marketplace. Hey, not so fast, slug snot. How do you spell homework? But I don’t need this money nenry so I’m going to give it back to you. Retrieved 22 October Henry can eat a vegetable, can’t he, Vera-wera? And following our exclusive report exclusively reporting on declining Do I have to think of everything?


Both my sons aged 8 and 4 wanted this after seeing the film. This isn’t homewirk kind of game. I’ve got Miss Lovely’s notebook. Learn more about Amazon Prime.


Too Cool For School. You’ve got 30 seconds to get through the steaming stew pot, Henry. How horrid do you think it’s gonna be tonight, Henry? Henry is later invited onto television programme ‘2 Cool 4 School’, where he can win a cash prize, which Margaret points out that they can use hortid bribe the school inspectors to leave Ashton Primary alone.

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How exactly is he going to do that? Essays on family in tamil critical thinking skills worksheets mla format essay outline example.

Miss Lovely wrote it down in her notebook. That horrid boy is my big brother. For me i wouldnt really use this disc i bought because i also have the movie and i have tried the songs on the CD and it just isnt the same as the movie but if you are a person who is a Horrid Henry fan this isnt really Horrid Henry it is just the songs from the movie It is better just buying the original singles because have of the songs are not good so i reccomend you just buy the singles of the songs henrg like on this disc at least then you dont have to keep skipping songs or listening to songs you dislike.


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Don’t you sweetness me.

horrid henry horrid homework haze song

Want to watch more videos for this song? She’s banned the Zero Zombies, Henry.

horrid henry horrid homework haze song

Stuck in a girls’ school. This is a sophisticated club and it’s my club and I can do what I like. Yes, it is, Henry. I’ve been told I have to make an example of somebody.

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I hate you, Henry! Yes, because we won the contest and we’ll be so famous, the school won’t close down.

Have you seen Henry? It’s just not fair, Fang.