A method for parameter optimization with particle swam optimization PSO algorithm has been proposed for physically based distributed hydrological model in catchment flood forecasting and validated in southern China. Antecedent wetness and storm characteristics are dominant controls on event-water discharge and pre-event-water mobilization from storage. Siegwolf, and Gregory R. From a classification of river discharge, the effective or dominant discharge is the one whose class corresponds to the maximum sediment supply. We propose a simple model that considers the dependence of flood events at different locations and the network structure of the river system. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences.

An experiment on Australian catchments, Water Resour. This paper proposes a new field-mapping method for the ability of the landscape to produce and convey surface runoff. Comparison of deterministic ensemble Kalman filters for assimilating hydrogeological data, Adv. We show in three different experiments that this network is able to learn to predict the discharge purely from meteorological input parameters such as precipitation or temperature as accurately as or better than the well-established Sacramento Soil Moisture Accounting model, coupled with the Snow snow model. We show event- and pre-event-water volumes as fractions of precipitation, rather than discharge, to provide an alternative and more insightful approach to study catchment hydrological processes. This has implications for the interpretation of results carried out at coarse resolutions, as they may fail to represent the local small-scale variability.

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Bayesian analysis of input uncertainty in hydrological modeling: This model captured the flow and tracer dynamics within each landscape unit quite well, and we could estimate the storage, fluxes and age of water within each. We quantify this discharge sensitivity weeets F yw and relate it to the dominant streamflow-generating mechanisms. Feed-forward vs recurrent neural network models for non-stationarity modelling using disswrtation assimilation and adaptivity, Hydrolog.


Some of the melt contribution occurs through groundwater pathways, resulting in longer timescale interactions with streamflow. Decreased precipitation caused larger changes in hydrologic variables evapotranspiration, soil moisture, stream flow and water table levels than increased temperature or disturbed vegetation did. The Yangtze River basin in China is home to more than million people and susceptible to major floods. This study shows that incorporating or ignoring inter-variable relations between air temperature and precipitation can have a notable effect on the projected snowfall fraction.

We perform dimensional analysis on a frequently used landscape evolution model LEM. This paper examines the current methodologies for quantifying storm behaviour through hysteresis analysis, and explores a new method.

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On a national scale, our results confirm the work of prior studies: This paper proposes a new field-mapping method for the ability of the landscape to dissertaton and convey surface runoff. The solute export follows different dynamics depending on catchment characteristics and mainly on solute-specific properties. We design and implement a theoretical experiment werets show that, under low-flow conditions, observed streamflow discrepancies between early and late summer can be attributed to different flow velocities in the river network.

hubert weerts dissertation

We present the first data-based framework for explaining why catchments behave in a non-stationary manner, even when they are unaffected by deforestation or urbanization. The results have important implications for post-wildfire water resource planning and precautions for flash floods.

Here I show that these cycles yield strongly biased estimates of mean transit times in spatially wderts catchments and, by implication, in real-world catchments. Use of streamflow observations to update states in a distributed hydrological model, Adv. Each method is systematically tested and the impact on the results is examined.

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The unit hydrograph has been one of the most widely employed modelling techniques to predict rainfall-runoff behaviour of hydrological catchments. Weerts, and Wilco Hazeleger. June The method is based on local data collection in the field, and a visual assessment of surface runoff traces from a distance, which makes it suitable for larger areas than traditional field mapping. Modeling chloride transport using travel-time distributions at Plynlimon, Wales, Water Resour.


The role of vegetation dynamics in streamflow is indicated by similar or greater sensitivity of annual runoff ratio to annual fractional vegetation dissetration. Floods often affect a whole region and not only a single location. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences. Doctoral dissertations in musicology. Particle filtering and ensemble Kalman filtering for state updating with hydrological conceptual rainfall-runoff models, Water Resour.

Computer Models of Watershed Hydrology, edited by: Hubert waltl dissertations – Hitchcock Financial Hubert weerts dissertation. For these water resources, the exploitation of the transfer is simulated using a decision support system, providing volumes that could be transferred to the Segura basin according to its operating rule.

In the paper, observations are assimilated into a hydrological model in order to improve the model performance. We introduced a shared mental model approach with an exploratory case study as a way to overcome persistent barriers in understanding by identifying gaps and overlaps of individual researchers’ perspectives, which improves collaboration in interdisciplinary science. The spatial runoff is decomposed into a deterministic trend and deviations from it caused by stochastic fluctuations which are described by Budyko method and stochastic interpolation.