The most typical things about Britain are the football culture, the pubs and I will also say classy. We top statistics of use of both. You can tell from have they behave, how their humor is, the way that they talk and how they like thing classy. Kirken ble bygd i norsk stavkirkestil. Din kommentar HTML-tagger fjernes. The British football culture is well known all over the world.

And we did not have to work for it, because of the oil. We have our own kind of bread, like most nations have. When I think of what make British British, I will say that the enormous football culture is my first thought. In England it is pubs every where. While Bush focused on how America and their allies could win the war, Stoltenberg focused more on taking care of those who were affected by the terror. I also think we can say that it is typical Norwegian to be comfortable with your living situation.

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The British football culture is well known all over the world. England is well known fore their many pubs. All the big religions are represented here and also some smaller ones. The most typical things about Britain are the football culture, the pubs and I will also say classy.

We are rich, but we do not brag about it like some might say about wealthy people in the U. We should also be proud of our prime minister, king and other political personalities who fought to keep the nation united after the terror struck us. After the attacks the tone was that we had to take care of each other. The Romans liked things esswy had an exotic taste and good quality. Especially the eating custom, when they eat, the tee time and of course what they eating.


I think we can say that some of the mentioned foods are not regular dinner dishes, but can be called a part of our cultural heritage. Or could it just as well be Ahmed and Raja, who wears turbans and hijabs, smells like garlic and other strong spices and goes to the mosque?

Something is typical if the majority agrees in it. Stoltenberg also said that no one could ever stop us from being Norwegian. Maybe we can describe typical Norwegian with the phrase: Because many things describes the environment around you but only one thing describes you as a person and that is the language that you talk. ,åseri

Typical Norwegian

Oil is a natural resource and it is just luck that has made us so rich from it. The well known English breakfast is also an old custom, we all have heard about the English breakfast with egg and bacon and the school lunches that is nutritious so the school kids learn better. It is the old generation that practices this custom. So my conclusion of what is most typical of the British society it is hca madness fore football, but also the love fore customs that they have and to be socialized with others the pub.

Da ble det et greit prosjekt til slutt!

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In Norway people go out in any weather, we like to talk about the weather and those who complain about the weather should buy some new clothes or move to Spain. Football in Britain is not just fun, it can be quite dangerous if the hooligans are there. Det finnes anglikanske kirker i flere byer.


hva kjennetegner essay og kåseri

But that is fore the people, måseri you see it from the other side you can say that the whole thing that characterize Britain it is classy, in a way Britain always have a need to be on top, if you understands what I mean. Tror du vil hjelpe mange med denne siden. Mye fin korsang og musikk.

All physiological needs are covered, so we can focus on following our dreams. We top statistics of use of both.

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I partly agree with this. They will do everything fore the football club, the hooligans will always defend their kjenneteyner honor, even when they half to fight fore it.

I think the cultural kåseru in Norway of course forms the people here, but now days we have so many other cultures represented as well. Because the British society have their own stile, they have a way of making things fit together, if you what I mean. Hva kjennetegner, hva tror de, osv.

hva kjennetegner essay og kåseri

Den anglikanske kirke verden over: Kåsri some foreigners it seems like we can buy anything we want and do whatever we want. Rudi Andre Monsen Nilsen The thing that makes British British is what I have mentioned on the text above the way that they behave and have they like things classy.