It is also a document creator, with the ability to include several pages in one document. Claim or contact us about this channel. The essay is marked out of a maximum possible of 36 marks. IB Business and Management Higher Level Paper 2 Examination IB Business and Management www IBBusinessandManagement com Loan capital 0 Net assets Z Retained profit 8 Share capital 2 Short term borrowing 0 Stock 0 Total current assets 30 Total current liabilities 48 a i Define the term copyright 2 marks A copyright is legal right to protect and be the sole beneficiary from artistic and literary works which includes VTE computer software a ii Identify two disadvantages for VTE of operating as a private limited company 2 marks There are legal formalities and administration costs involved in establishing the business It can be quite difficult for shareholders Kate Kerr to sell shares b i Calculate the missing figures X Y Z and with those figures and from the financial information provided construct a complete balance sheet for VTE for 7 marks X 10 Y 48 Z 10 P a g e 8 Development is not assessed within the new HL P3 and so is not included in this booklet. With Logger Pro you can: Below is a list of some of the things you could try as part of your revision plan:

Posted January 26, The Imperial – Week 3 classroom activity. During the first meeting with your me, discuss the research you’ve done, your ideas, and the requirements. You can access Destiny from any school computer with its URL address: Edited December 7, by thepositiveclub. This collection is an invaluable resource for teachers wishing to illustrate to their students a variety of approaches to the TOK essay. The tools contain collections of high scoring essays selected by senior examiners.

ib b&m case study 2015

Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy” provides a wonderful stimulant for discussion as a starter activity to Leadership and Management. The Imperial – Week 3 classroom activity. The students set about finding relevant images to represent the characters, adding personal details and even creating likely conversations between the characters’ walls.



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This is one of my favourite Economics websites. The Imperial — Week 4 activity Podcast recording. Logger Pro is a program that allows to collect and analyze data.

Have students draw a prediction on a graph and see how well the experimental data matches it. Then followed a lively discussion that led into the differences between leadership and management and formal and informal leadership.

Royal Danish Bearings – Week 7 Activities.

This video below and notes that accompany are brilliant revision for your IB2 students about to go on examination leave. Never a bad thing in my eyes These resources contain a wealth of information, advice and comprehensive help on teaching IB Diploma.

Below is the examiners report for the EE cohort of IB Business and Management Higher Level Paper 2 Examination IB Business and Management www IBBusinessandManagement com 2 2 1 2 1 1 Option 1 x 0 6 x 0 4 Option 2 a 2 x 0 6 x 0 4 Option 2 b 2 x 0 6 x 0 4 Option 3 2 x 0 6 x 0 4 1 On financial grounds the best option is to purchase the building next door without a caf Option 2 a P a g e 5 Higher level thinking for your top students and useful for IB essays.

ib b&m case study 2015

Browse All Articles Articles. The pre-issued case study paper will assess students’ skills of problem identification, data handling and analysis, critical thinking, judgmental ability, logical reasoning and justified decision-making. Posted December 7, edited.

Over the next six weeks, I’ll be adding new activities that you can use to get students familiar with the case study. To get more targeted content, please make full-text search by clicking here. Managebac is a leading online learning platform designed for the modern IB Diploma Programme that enables efficient curriculum planning, assessment and reporting, while eliminating paperwork and enhancing communication to parents and students.

B&M Case Study – May – Business & Management – IB Survival

I hope I could write a decent response ih this cqse by the end of this week. You can play COD after the exams Good luck with the planning! Already have an account? Attending an IB Economics conference last Summer opened my eyes to how students who go ‘the extra mile’ like this will be rewarded and can access the higher marks. RDB Case Study Finish with a flourish of interactive, collaborative learning. The narration is excellent and whilst watching, the class were required to jot down their thinking in terms of the characteristics of leadership portrayed from the video.


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Published by Genelyn Gevero Sign in Already have an account? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. IB Business and Management Higher Level Paper 2 Examination IB Business and Management www IBBusinessandManagement com Award 8 9 marks if the student s response meet the following criteria A response with accurate specific well detailed knowledge and understanding of relevant issues concepts and theories A response that uses appropriate terminology competently throughout the response A response that includes judgments and or conclusions that is well supported and underpinned by a balanced analysis Explicit references to the information in the stimulus material are made throughout the response P a g e 25 Click here for the article Export data to excel or other spreadsheets 7.

My students have produced some fantastic quizzes based on the RBD case study Detailed Diagrams – Indirect Taxation. The words you are searching are inside this book.