IT Linux System Administration or equivalent 39 IS Legal and Security Issues 4 credit hours This course offers an overview of the legal processes involved in implementing and maintaining an e-commerce Web site. A need exists for technically competent individuals to provide appropriate computing solutions for users. The course includes industry analysis, internal analysis of the core competencies and value chains that enable corporate and business level strategies, the evolution of strategy and how that occurs in different environments and organizational types, and implementation issues organizations face when enacting strategies. Project will require prior approval by the instructor. Students will be required to create a variety of drawings of various sizes on different drawing media, and will use conventional as well as computer-aided drafting equipment. This course is designed to introduce students to basic measurement methods and instrumentation as used in modern biology.

In lab, students construct, test and troubleshoot digital circuits. A descriptive study of the cultures of North American natives north of Mexico, as they were at initial European contact, organized on a culture area basis. This course addresses how to navigate the moral quandaries, issues and debates raised by direct participants and stakeholders in the high-tech economy. Students will choose a specific topic in criminal justice about which to write. It is the study of choices made by households, firms and governments and how these choices impact the market economy. For students planning further course work in accounting. If a student loses his or her eligibility to receive financial aid for failure to make satisfactory academic progress in his or her program of study, the student cannot reestablish his or her eligibility to receive financial aid to attend any course s at the school, unless:

ET Digital Electronics II ET Microprocessors Students study the architecture, interfacing and programming of a microprocessor, including interfacing the microprocessor with memory and with input and output devices. To earn an A. An introductory course on Asian civilizations in three areas: Students who have taken CNS with same title may not take this course. Attention will focus on what criteria are used to assess the adequacy of explanations and useful theories.

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Will teach students to analyse the competitive prospects for a given industry as well as specific companies within that industry. Department of Labor Employment and Training Securitg In other roles, graduates may be part of teams involved in auditing and verifying existing security systems and suggesting ways to improve the same.

is427 information systems security capstone project

BUSand 60 units. EG Research Methods A 4 credit hour Social Science course This course offers a step-by-step, systematic approach to conducting research. Provides secirity comprehensive definition of all types of financial instruments and develops a thorough understanding of operational accounting and auditing for a broad range of financial instruments. CHEM and or and This course includes problem sets and a laboratory component.

IS427 – Information Systems Security Capstone Project

Completion of a minimum of 80 credits earned in the program of study including CD Engineering Graphics II or equivalent and CD Civil Drafting and Introduction to GIS or equivalent CD Physical and Computer-Aided 3D Modeling Introduces the informatoon to tools and skills used in the manipulation of two-dimensional materials to convert these into precise threedimensional models of prkject forms, products or architectural space layouts.

Emphasis is placed on workflow production of documents in print.

is427 information systems security capstone project

Advanced topics in organizational behavior. Violation of any federal, state or local law. Applications in management science and information systems, organizational behavior and other areas as well as in marketing will be examined.

Topics include basic data communications networks and systems, local area networks, internetworks and the Internet. GE Composition I or equivalent GE Problem Solving A 4 credit hour Science course This course introduces students to problem solving techniques and helps them apply the tools of critical reading, analytical thinking and mathematics to help solve problems in informatiin applications.

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A descriptive study of the cultures of North American natives north of Mexico, as they were at initial European contact, organized on a culture area basis. A case study approach will be employed in order to provide an overview of these areas of research, with examples taken from the primary literature.


Issues such as gender and leadership, leadership ethics, and culture and leadership will zystems examined.

In lab, students will write, run and debug programs. Proper legal research techniques and strategies will be considered for both primary and secondary legal wecurity.

A paper based on the essay must be presented in a Canadian Studies seminar. Art styles and traditions secruity prehistoric and preliterate peoples in one or more world cultural areas.

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GE American Government A 4 credit hour Social Science course This course covers principles and theory related to the United States government, including the development and foundations of the Constitution, the organization and function of the federal government including the legislative, executive and judicial branches, political parties and the electoral process, and the relationship between states and the federal government. Career Opportunities – This program offers graduates an opportunity to develop knowledge and skills that can help them pursue careers in a variety of entry-level electrical and electronics engineering technology positions, such as electronics technician, service technician, telecommunications technician and engineering technician.

Intended for both science and non-science students. It includes an overview of criminological theories of causation, treatment and punishment. Passing – Indicates a passing grade in a course designated as a pass-fail course.

The school securiity determine, in its discretion, whether: Selected topics in areas not currently offered within the undergraduate course offerings in the Department capston Biological Sciences. This course includes a laboratory component. First work experience for MET students.