You’ll also need to install the latest 4. There’s also exemplar film footage from a recent lesson. Make sure that any copyright notice is retained! See Juicy Geography’s Google Earth blog for much more. Tsunami aid discussion exercise word doc.

A Google Earth file of the Jurassic coast containing a geology map photos and placemarks. Flash guide to creating placemarks in Google Earth. Who wants to be a UK Millionaire? Contour map view in Google Maps. A program called GE Path can be used to calculate the area of a polygon more accurately. This activity can be adapted for any age group.

New developments to the leading online mapping applications are widely reported today. Click the picture icons to display the Geograph photo in the info balloon. Right clicking a node will delete it.

juicy geography coursework

In My Maps click Create new map and give geograpyh new map a title. Example of a local crime map. Free Google Earth mouse mats!

My best ever lesson! Where can I find base maps? Once objects are grouped, they will move in unison when dragged to another part of the document. Download a word document with the exemplar maps Alternatively, how about this land use map also made in Word?


Draw a river cross section Court Fields students!

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You’ll also need to install the latest 4. Despite being just a couple of days old, Google Earth Library looks set to become an essential blog for news of content rather than placemarks. Base map and photograph Instructions for producing the crime map. Currently this free website lets you import data from a spreadsheet, create a chart and save as a Flash file.

A level research Why can’t A level research be published for posterity?

juicy geography coursework

Click to create a node and drag to create a line. There are unlimited possibilities for this type of exercise.

juicy geography coursework

The 3D view is really useful for coursewrk. If not, the fonts you will require are likely to be: If the Word document looks identical to the pdf then you are fine. Tsunami aid discussion exercise word doc. Thanks to Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP for pointing out that you can use any picture you want to turn a bar or column chart into a pictogram.

Making maps in Word

Extract the contents and run the program. Mapperz highlights the new version of Live Local, which is an essential resource for teachers who work in an area deprived of acceptable Google Earth imagery. Possibly a search would meet your needs better? Use the drawing tools in Google Earth to identify it. A great courseworrk style activity. Canary Wharf poems from my archived site.


Ten ways to Google-up your GCSE project!

How about getting students to make a map of their feelings about different parts of the school? A really good exemplification of this technique has been written up by Wycombe High School. Map Symbols I have collated my own set of map symbols pdf file from a variety of fonts that were installed on my PC by various GIS software packages.

A building represented as a polygon. This is very useful when drawing your own maps in Word.

Maps using Word This is probably due for retirement. Alternatively, more advanced graphs can be created using GE Graph This is a free program that can be used to create graphs from placemarks. Barry Hunter of the extremely useful Nearby.