My teaching interests broadly lie in the areas of: If you have any questions in the meantime, you could begin by getting in touch with me directly a. You should also follow KeeleGeogs on Twitter to get occasional news and announcements from the course, and follow a selection of geography-related twitter feeds to get lots of Geography news coming your way. Our Human Geography course explores the way in which humans relate to the environment through lab, lecture and field-based learning opportunities. Coexistence has come to represent a key issue in contemporary society. The Politics of Sustainability. In the case of a contradiction or other discrepancy between information in this Handbook and the Regulations, the Regulations shall be authoritative, unless approval has been given for a variation.

The destinations will depend on your chosen course but may include trips to the Peak District, to the coast, to nearby towns and rural areas, or to visitor attractions such as the nearby Monkey Forest! International students who do not meet the direct entry requirements for this course have the opportunity to study an International Foundation Year programme. Infrastructures, Atmospheres, and the Experience ofSustainable Cycling’. We are very pleased to welcome you to Keele, and look forward to your joining our academic community, and to 3 happy years of working together. I am particularly interested in developing understandings of the experiential aspects of this and how the use of space intersects with its management and design. Environment and Planning A 45 1 pp.

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handbooi The limits of the body: Course Regulations Geography Courses all routes Regulations 8. The Politics of Sustainability. Early online Elemental Mobilities: Going to university can be a daunting as well as an exciting experience. Our Course Information Documents CIDs are designed to give you all of the details you need to make an informed decision about what and where to study.

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Keele courses are also available at https: These courses are designed to prepare international students to enter into Keele University undergraduate degrees. I am particularly interested in developing understandings of the experiential aspects of this and how the use of space intersects with its management and design.


Our courses take advantage of this excellent geographical setting, as well as giving you the opportunity to expand your horizons globally with our international field courses. Read more about our undergraduate entry requirements for United KingdomEuropean Union and International students. A first challenge of the project is to examine how this threat influences urban environments by acting on individuals, their behavior and their representations.

This will all be invaluable as you address social, environmental, ethical and global problems as part of your studies or in the world of work.

When you have eliminated the JavaScript, whatever remains must be an empty page. Teaching interests My teaching interests broadly lie in the areas of: We offer our first year local field trips at no cost, and there is a no-cost option typically Almeria or Barcelona for the second year trips for all the degree routes.

Career prospects In addition to providing very specific human geography skills, this course will enhance your abilities in communication, make you proficient in various methods such as GIS or primary data collection, and develop your creativity in problem solving.

keele geography dissertation handbook

I also introduce students to social issues in urban areas in the Pacific North West and supervise projects on various topics related to social and cultural geography. I also teach on ‘What is Human Geography’ to help students understand the similarities and difference between school and university level human geography. Coexistence has come keelr represent a key issue in contemporary society. Further, in addition to traditional academic outputs, the material produced through the project fieldwork dussertation be developed into an artistic exhibition.

Human Geography

You might go on to work as a planning and development surveyor, logistics dissrtation, residential surveyor, town planner, international development worker, transport planner or market researcher. The destinations vary from time to time, but students focusing on human geography topics within their degree have visited Barcelona or Singapore, while students with a more physical geography focus have travelled to Almeria or Iceland. Introduction to the Geography Courses Handbook all routes School of Geography Geology and Environment Student Handbook Assessment criteria – guidance on how student work is marked at Keele.


keele geography dissertation handbook

Do also have a look at the rest of our School website. It may be helpful to remember that Schools sometimes operate different procedures and you are advised to refer to the relevant School Handbook for modules being taken in another School.

If ever you need help or advice contact the Course Administrator, the Course Director, the 1st-year Tutor or any of your individual module tutors. Welcome to Human Geography at Keele. Here you can find up-to-date information about your human geography course at Keele and the pre-arrival process for new human geography students.

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This is for general information only. The campus bookshop has a price-match guarantee on this bundle of Core Human Geography Textbooks:. Our degree courses are organised into modules.

keele geography dissertation handbook

Emotion, Space and Society 14 pp. This letter is just to give you a few pieces of information you will need for your first week of the first semester. Book Chapters and Reference Entries: The question then becomes less about securing coexistence through the founding of communities be they lost or prophesied and instead understanding coexistence through an attentiveness to the differentiation that can come to unfold within such relations and the dissertafion of distributions amongst subjects that this might lead to.