Bi-Xenon headlamps also consume 35 percent energy less than halogen headlamps and distribute the light beam more effectively. The Lancia Thesis windscreen wipers are guided by an electrically controlled motor that determines speed, position and movement reversal. Lancia Club France Nonprofit Organization. Visitez le nouveau forum Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer que le nouveau forum est en ligne. Someone who can guide you step by step to your destination, remind you of appointments and notify you of traffic changes.

Most factory pix set them right back to give attractive spacious front cabin look! When the pulses encounter an obstacle, they are reflected and received like an echo from the sensor. By the way, are you part of a Lancia forum as well? As we couldn’t transfer the encrypted password from the old forum’s database, we kindly ask you to reset your password. The Comfort seats available as options on all versions are high tech and also look extremely good. The diamond shaped headlamps are powerful Xenon units. Thus the flagship may be fitted with EPG anti break-in side windows these will be available a few months after the launch and an antilift and antitilt alarm.

In case of an emergency, however, you press the SOS button on the front panel poblem call a doctor or break-down truck. All you have to do is press the green CONNECT button and the navigation system will configure itself automatically to guide the customer to the required destination.

LANCIA THESIS – Advanced technology at the service of in-car well-being

All these features are combined with an ability to skyhoo, and damp road roughness that makes the Thesis the new benchmark in its market segment. The New Lancia Ypsilon makes its debut. Ventilated disc brakes Length: The benefits include a more extensive area of heat exchange with the interior environment and a lower air speed that does not strike passengers but envelops them in an authentic constant temperature environment.

lancia thesis skyhook problem

In a gas discharge bulb, the usual internal filament is replaced by two electrodes spaced a few millimetres apart. To emphasise the comfort factor there is also power assistance when opening the doors, the seat and steering wheel move back and up to aid entrance when the door is opened, and the entire process of opening and starting the car is keyless, using a transponder in the drivers pocket.


I doubt it was intentional. The design follows closely that of the Dialogos Concept car, and even moreso the example presented to the Pope.

2002 Lancia Thesis 3.0 V6 Review

An electronic control unit now receives the settings and emits a beep to confirm they have been saved. Automatic Headlamps The Lancia Thesis is equipped with headlamps that come on automatically as darkness falls or as you drive into a tunnel They are controlled by a sensor installed on the front window that works on the principle of infra-red ray refraction.

When the pulses encounter an obstacle, they are reflected and received like an echo from the sensor.

lancia thesis skyhook problem

To enable the motorist to regain control of the car at lancis time and oroblem the automatic system, a RESUME button at the base of the Radar Cruise Control can be used to recall the speed setting once the RCC has been deactivated by operating the brake or accelerator. The device detects changes in external light intensity and compares it with a value set by the driver to control exterior lighting activation. The world on board Fiat Auto, a leader in the field of information technology for automotive applications, is now pursuing a policy of bringing GSM phones, navigation systems and devices such as handsfree sets and voice memos on board its cars.

Variable power steering The Lancia Thesis can thank the technical skyhok of its steering equipment for the car’s safety and driving precision at speed, its great handling at all speeds and the reduced effort required on the steering wheel during parking manoeuvres.

Lancia Thesis V6 Review – Driven To Write

Pulse massage is carried out by inflating and deflating some bags cyclically for four minutes. The detailed range is as follows: We welcome you to have a look and let us know what you think about the new look and feel.


Sadly, I think I can write that idea off. The Lancia range needed a skyhlok between the Lybra and Thesis: Like the good butler, it is keeping its personality, its means of operation, completely hidden. You can request a new password with the email address you used at the Viva Lancia forum.

The device keeps the dipped beams and side lights on for a while even with the engine off and ignition key out. The control unit interprets this a signal that you intend to leave the car and the Keyless System locks the doors Autoclose function. All the driver has to do is maintain a position behind the car in front using the steering wheel.

The front armrest also houses a cable phone optional that allows back seat passengers to make calls in greater privacy. The device cuts in automatically to compensate for static car changes due to changing load on the axles and also dynamic changes caused by acceleration and braking.

This in itself is a wonderfully unnecessary refinement and speaks volumes about the painstaking efforts to create a truly luxurious saloon. And rear screen sunblinds but you have to fiddle them up manually. The courtesy lights, four in number, light the area of the gearbox front lights and the central armrest rear lights.

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For Lancia enthusiasts expecting the cerebral satisfaction of a car with palpable mechanical character the Thesis is too distant and inscrutable.

Both front handles also come with a mechanical dowel where an emergency key can be fitted.

lancia thesis skyhook problem

No, it had features and competence.