There’s one 8 right over here. Video transcript The owner of a restaurant wants to find out more about where his patrons are coming from. Tough Algebra Word Problems. And you can see if you have a plot like this, just visually, you can immediately see, OK, what is the median? So we would start right over here at this 2. And it’s essentially dividing our data into two sets. Well, a box and whisker plot.

And it’s essentially dividing our data into two sets. And to do that, we need to come up with the median. What kind of graph should he create? We could keep going– 30, maybe We have this 7 right over here.

And then we have a 20 and then a So here we have a median of this bottom half of 2.

Box plot review

So the first thing we might want to think about– there’s several ways to draw it. So the median is 6. And if I did the calculations right, it should be smaller than 8 of the values.

So we’ve ordered solvijg our data. And whenever we’re trying to take the median of something, it’s really helpful to order our data.

Well, we have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 data points. So let’s think about it.


lesson 7-5 problem solving box and whisker plots

We want to think about the box part of the box and whisker essentially represents the middle half of our data. So that separates the third quartile from the fourth quartile. We have an 11 right over there.

lesson 7-5 problem solving box and whisker plots

Then we have this 4. And then the middle of the top half, once again, we have 8 data points.

I have read and accept the privacy policy. So halfway in between two and three is 2. Homepage Basic Mathematics blog Free math problems solver! So they go all the way up to– so let’s say that this is 22 right over here. Tough Algebra Word Problems. What kind of graph should he create?

lesson 7-5 problem solving box and whisker plots

Let me do that same pink color. So let me do this. So the middle number is going to be a number that has 8 numbers larger than it and 8 numbers smaller than it.

Constructing a box plot

Halfway in between the two is Join the lines for the lower quartile and the upper quartile to form a box. One day, he decided to gather data about the distance in miles that people commuted to get to his restaurant. So how many data points do we have? So if we look at this first bottom half of our numbers essentially, what’s the median of these numbers?


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Basic math review game – The one and only math adventure game online. Construct a box plot for the following data: I think we’ve got all the 3’s. And now, look separately at this set and look separately at this set. Try the given examples, or type in your own problem and check your answer with the step-by-step explanations.

And then we have this 3. So the answer of what kind of graph he should create, that might be a little bit more straightforward than the actual creation of the graph, which we will also do.