In one-on-one meetings, retailers are provided with the tools and knowledge to achieve sales growth through:. You can find out more under section 3 in the Retail Manual. Review the progress of a business Track growth Measure the success of business strategies Provide loss forecasts. Talk with us about your grant idea. It can take up to 30 working days to process an application , which should be taken into consideration when negotiating a settlement date.

Ms Miriam Borthwick joined the board in April Our Board reviews all grant recommendations. Find out more View and download Lotterywest Annual Reports: Yes, we would appreciate publicity of your grant, although the potential for this in no way influences our assessment. So why not pick up a ticket today and keep WA winning?

Whether you are developing a strategic, business or marketing plan, conducting a training review, planning your information and communications technology needs or designing a community facility – engaging a consultant may help in the following circumstances:.

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Individuals, profit-making organisations and government organisations; The promotion of sport, including equipment or a vehicle that will support sporting teams or travel for sporting teams. However, one of the organisations will need to be responsible for each application and be the applicant.

Find a store We’re closer than you think Your local Lotterywest store could be just around the corner.


lotterywest business plan

How much can I ask for? A typical grant process looks like this: Please factor in these timeframes for funding your event or project. Apply for the amount that will serve the need properly. There are few bonds more extraordinary than the relationship between a horse and its rider.

Jim McGinty joined the Board in August A typical grant process looks like this:. Buisness more information, click here. He also volunteers with Fremantle Sea Rescue.

What does my money support in WA? Need the right tools to get the job done? Atlantic Philanthropies- Led by the University of Melbourne Starting inup to 25 fellowships will be awarded annually for the next 20 years, to develop some social change agents, influential leaders and innovative thinkers. These interactive sessions are customised to best suit your business, providing you and your team with practical skills, knowledge and tools to enhance workplace performance.

We assist retailers to maximise sales potential and attract more customers through our retail image standards by:. How many times can I apply? When considering a request for a grant e. Back businese and hard copies of the current and previous Lotterywest Annual Reports are available on request.

lotterywest business plan

Have you found the perfect business? What is the process to establish a new outlet?

Developing your application

Can Lotterywest busimess me prepare my grant application? Find out more We use a wide range of businesses to help us in our day to day work.


Lotterywest retailers do not operate under a franchise. It can help to think about questions such as:.

It can help to think about questions such as: What are the terms and conditions of becoming a Lotterywest retailer? We’re extremely lotterywdst in Western Australia to have the only lottery in the nation, and one of the few in the world, where all the profits are returned directly back businses the local community.

Our purpose is building a better WA together, and we do this by striving for excellence in the quality of ootterywest work.

The following links provide information to assist not-for-profit organisations ensure the appropriate governance arrangements: Please factor in these timeframes for funding your event or project.

Most organisations are happy to acknowledge the support Lotterywest has provided and we know that this can also be of benefit to your organisation. Retailer development workshops Workshops are suitable for owners, store managers and staff.