This means that firms can increase these terms from 30 days to 60 days without it becoming apparent in this analysis. Firm Profitability There are many different measurements of firm profitability among the researchers who studied the relation between WCM and firm profitability. This problem is that firms are not able to access financial resources from the capital market. Many authors like Shin and Soenen have argued that it is important for firms to shorten the CCC, as managers can create value for their shareholders by reducing the cycle to a reasonable minimum Sharma and Kumar, In most firms, these compartments were managed by different managers on various different organizational layers Sartoris and Hill, The VIF scores can be found between the [ ]. Through granting more trade credit, a firm is able to raise their sales.

Somewhat matching results are found by Falope and Ajilore , who found respectively 61,21 days and 59,34 days. By keeping the inventories as low as possible, much storage costs are circumvented this way. Empirical Evidence from Pakistan. It ranges from zero to four and a score of two implies that there is no autocorrelation in the sample. This difference is likely to be caused by the different macro-economic conditions in Nigeria.

This is based on the fact that an investment can only be earned back if the buyer stays in business.

The differences of for example Garcia-Teruel and Martinez-Solano is caused by the fact that they focussed on smaller firms and Sharma and Kumar focussed on the booming market of India.

The common credit term given to these buyers is the two part trade credit, where the buyer gets a discount if he pays within ten days. The Economic Journal, Novemberpp. Financial Management, 38, pp. For the sample of this study it means that is the effect of the accounts receivables of the years and on the profitability of the firms during the years and is analysed.


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Other studies who used ROA as the dependent variable, found very different means and medians. How to write a literature review edge hill university.

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They found a negative relation between operating profitability and the number of days of inventories, account payables and account receivables for a sample of fifty Nigerian firms listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Part A discusses the descriptive statistics; part B addresses the correlation analyses.

The source of fluctuations in money: Contradicting evidence is found by Gill et al. Contradicting evidence is found in India by Sharma and Kumar Accounts receivables mastfr be seen as short-term loans to customers given by the supplying firm. The main limitation of this study is the relative small sample size, which consists of firm-years.

It was very likely that these loans could never been paid back. Thesis of an essay example.

The Real Effects of Financial Constraints: Journal of Business, Finance and Accounting, 32, pp. They argue that this is caused by the fact that India is an emerging market and reputations of creditworthiness of firms are not fully developed and therefore many companies loosen their working capital management.

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The reason for this is that larger firms are lending aid to their financially constraint customers and by doing that, saving a part of their future sales. Management Accounting Research, 14pp. It could imply that certain firms should not minimize their accounts receivables during crisis periods, but since there is no significant relation this cannot be concluded.


Other advantages and disadvantages can be found among the trade-offs of the three parts of WCM accounts receivables, accounts payables and inventories.

Net Operating Working Capital Behaviour: The total sample will contain about 37 firms with observations over the period andwhich are named and classified individually on the NACE classification index in Appendix A.

International Review of Finance, All the presented regression models include the dummy variables. I assume that this is due to the fact that in these other studied countries the number of manufacturing firms is a lot higher compared to countries such as The Netherlands and Belgium.

To be competitive, companies have to decrease their costs and this can be accomplished by keeping the costs of stocking inventory to a reasonable minimum Gaur et al.

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Journal of Financial and Strategic Decisions, 11 2pp. Some of these scores are somewhat lower than 1.

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More recently Pike tbesis al. Deloof did research in Belgium after the relation between working capital management and firm profitability. Also macro-economic differences might have caused some of the difference.