Introduce the Johari Window. Thursday, 17 November Thursday 17th November – Week 2. You should follow and annotate. Log on Get the folders Check the tasks on the assignment briefs – see email. Monday, 28 November Tuesday 29th November – Week 2.

Focus on the following questions for each section: Identify ways in which this website could have a negative impact on other institutions 4. Sunday, December 11, Audience research focus groups: When labeling, denote and connote. This is one of the trickiest concepts to get our head around as it encompasses politics and cultural studies as well as media theory.

To choose a specific focus based on your choice of text – what is your spark? We will go through an example on the whiteboard and then you will continue to complete coursewwork grid for the rest of the lesson. You should have received some excellent feedback from the class as part of your focus group so now it’s time to put that feedback to use.

Complete the table so you have clear examples of: Identify ways in which this website could have a negative impact on other institutions 4. We will then compile our case study findings. Look at who commission their programmeswhat is their area. His theory of binary opposition is important for media students. You have 20 coursewlrk to get a variety of different shots and footage.

Macguffin – Year December

Discuss and take notes. Gather as much information as you can.


He is a homeless salesman, struggling to financially provide for his young son who takes an unpaid internship with a broker company in order to become a successful broker. You’ll need to finish this for homework – due for the first lesson back after Christmas.

Thursday, 28 January Donnie Darko film review. We will go through the PP and the actual exam brief together.

AS Level Media Coursework Examples

Posted by taranjit panesar at From now on our Friday lessons will be brirf lessons. Donnie then sees a giant bunny called Frank which leads him outside and then explains to him that the world will be ending in 28 days. Take out exercise books and make notes.

mest 2 coursework brief 2016

The audience will be mwst mix of all ethnicities and will have most jobs in society such as white collar and blue collar jobs to widen the gap of art house target audience. Take notes in with youtry not to read them word for word.

Audience effects1 On post it notes answer – which theory fits a passive audience and which theory fits an active audience. We shall go through the PP together and share how this can be applied to own media texts. Watch three trailers for recent or upcoming independent films and identify something you can learn from each film to use in your own film production. Thursday, December 15, Work through the following tasks: To apply understanding courseworo the film industry distribution to you case study and research of your chosen films.


Then try and apply the theory. I advise laying out your shot list simply using Courseworj Word – this is an example of briff it should look like. The BBC deliberately placed the two against each other and the episode resulted in far more people watching and tweeting than usual.


Dominant ideologies are ideologies or beliefs that we live by in our day-to-day lives and often do not question 216 they have become ‘natural, common sense’ things to do.

The writing frame is on Jake’s email. Which is why it is so important for those who are serious about a career in it, to fend off competition by being one step ahead of the game.

mest 2 coursework brief 2016

The images that will be required for this will be a shot of the main character dressed up as a police officer formal suit but also as a member of the gang he has to join. We are bombarded by the media everywhere we turn and the mythical ‘glamour’ of working in the media has increased.