I was doing the same thing. I’m hoping they will fill in the gaps about who she really was and what she was like, rather than just her life’s work. Though Muriel the child, is perhaps a little clearer than Muriel the grown woman, the writer, the mother — it is that later Muriel who I founder harder to really envisage. Very interesting on her childhood in Edinburgh and her semi-secret war work. I think I may stick to her fiction. I should probably have read this before reading the large authorized biography. In fact it read like the title:

There is the occasional direct humour. Jul 16, Rebecca added it Shelves: The later part of the book has left me a little bit ambivilent. Interesting, but a little dry. I found that kind of intriguing but she definitely does not want to discuss it with her readers. Young Muriel; a child who took simple joy in a bicycle, who loved visiting her grandparents at their shop in Watford. I think I may stick to her fiction.

And it’s hard for the reader not to conclude, as Spark did about the teacher who first inspired her to write, that “her dazzling non-sequiturs filled [the] heart with joy.

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Muriel refused, and their son Robin was born in Bulawayo in She writes well, clearly, concisely and forthrightly, giving readers an understanding of how her literary life developed and why. Found this book in Mary’s home in Spain. I was not yet at school. Details from this account feature in many of her books and short stories.


Muriel Spark: “Curriculum Vitae”

Another Spark review from me — three books reviewed in one day, gosh! Her short stories were collected inandand her Collected Poems appeared in I too find them useful. It is indeed strange that, since she does tell of him, she seems a bit detached given the circumstances of their longtime separation during his formative years.

muriel spark curriculum vitae review

Even her husband, Sydney, from who she took her fortuitous surname, is held at arm’s length like a dubious specimen: I only read it this weekend. The timing was right because she was already shifting her work towards story-telling. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Although I can imagine it must be a horrible feeling to find “friends” have pinched some of your childhood jotters and flogged them to universities when you grew famous – or even flogged letters you wrote to them.

I was not hiding things, but there was editorial control over what was said and how I said it.

muriel spark curriculum vitae review

She does say she feared for her life, which propelled her to obtain a divorce. Ivtae Spark is fascinating. The autobiography describes the first 39 years of her life, from her birth to the publication of her first book, The Comfortersrefiew Amazon Business Service for business customers.

She does ucrriculum research into the facts of her life that he did not, and she refutes his work through her narrative and directly in her account of her non-romantic relationship with him. N othing can beat hearing it from the horse’s mouth. Interesting that she was a s;ark since Sandy in Jean Brodie is too. I get the feeling that Spark will always remain slightly elusive and unknowable but also completely intriguing.


Spark never describes what he did to her or anyone else, nor does she say how she felt about it. Had she chosen to write a cattier second memoir about her life as a rising and then famous writer, it would have been cohesive and perhaps successful in a different way than the first.

Muriel Spark: “Curriculum Vitae” « Classical Bookworm

She writes of that book:. Funny, well-written and a pleasure to read.

Which novel did you read? The simple explanation is that I felt the Roman Catholic faith corresponded to what I have always felt and known and believed. Jul 16, Rebecca added it Shelves: She was always interested in meeting people and a keen observer of people. Beginning with luminous evocations of a s childhood in Edinburgh and memories of school, taught by the original Miss Jean Brodie, Spark recalls her formative years, up to the publication of her first novel in I had ,uriel to remind him of this in later letters, fortunately salvaged by me.

So glad you enjoyed your first Spark.

muriel spark curriculum vitae review

A clear eyed unsentimental autobiography.