Beforehand, make sure your device can mirror image your Case Study on a monitor. You should obtain permission from the relevant clients to use their projects in your case study. The Application Form describes: All pages consecutively numbered. During the tendering process request a full description of the prices, services and products offered by shortlisted practices.

Dates for the programme have been announced and graduate members can login and view these here. This may include asking you to sketch typical construction details. The NZIA has designed a fun and collegial programme and is an essential step for members to take on their path to registration. That is, your case study must in total cover each of the minimum standards only once. Nick Moyes from Jasmax presents at an Experience Area workshop. Submitting your application Your application should include two copies of your case study. Experience Areas are summarised below:

Guidelines for applicants Electronic case study as at 19February 2 Case study technical mandatory requirements The case study both commentary and appendices.

Your case study must take into account the Minimum Standards for Initial Registration as an Architect. Prepare Project Record Forms describing what you’ve been working on in recent years. We recommend you record the projects that you are working on as they happen, which is far easier than later on trying to recall what you did a year or two ago. Some architects will not engage in a project where they are not in charge of contract administration.

Becoming a Registered Architect – NZIA

Please record this payment method on your application form. You can apply for this at any time.


The Board does not record professional conversations and does not allow applicants to do the same. Copies of these documents should also be included in the two copies of your case study for the registration assessors to consider. This is requurements protect the contents and as a limit on length. If you did not have a personal involvement with some parts or stages of a project, this must be clearly stated.

Becoming a registered architect

Experience Areas are summarised below: The Case Study Template includes instructions on what’s required. Intake close off date: Find out why and how you should engage an architect. In requurements instances there may be an observer or trainee assessor present. At the Professional Conversation stage requiremnts the assessment process, you present a summary of your experience at an interview with NZRAB assessors.

When that invoice is paid, you will be recorded on the New Zealand Architects Register as registered and you will then be a New Zealand Registered Architect. At least one of the projects should be for a complex architectural project with which you had a close and extended personal involvement. The Registered Architects Board website sgudy the registration details of all architects in New Zealand. Before undertaking registration, applicants in this category must complete two to three years of practical work experience.

Nzrab case study requirements

Creating Living Buildings Architects in particular may offer the greatest protection as they require registration to use the title and need to regularly prove their professional competence to maintain registration. It is a valuable step on the path to registration. Additional information is available on the professional conversation as an assessment tool. This experience is documented in a case requriements that you submit with your registration application.


For those who do NOT have reqkirements recognised qualification or the required work experience, prior to undertaking the procedure listed below, you must apply for a Qualifications and Experience Assessment and meet any additional requirements set as a result.

Without exception, applications will be returned if they do not comply, ie if too much material is included.

New Zealand Registered Architects Board – Pathway 1

Once your application has been checked and the fee has been paid, you will receive an acknowledgement email advising what stuvy next. An Experience Area Workshop in Auckland. Extra time may be granted for the professional conversation. If you have a disability you would like the Assessors to consider during your professional conversation please detail this in the space provided on the application form and provide proof.

nzrab case study requirements

Application close-off dates in are: Recording devices are not permitted in professional conversations. Plans must be legible and bound together in a single group for each project, and must be folded into the file box.

nzrab case study requirements

The Initial Registration Assessment is undertaken by a three-hour professional conversation which is based on a case study submitted in advance.