You are allowed to and I encourage you to use a calculator. Often the questions will address a variety of areas. What is the size of the UK market for water machines? Interview Questions How many steps did it take you to walk here? Sorry, you need to login or sign up in order to vote. So the list of potential questions is endless. Consulting Case Interview Course.

I’m assuming that most graduates applying there would have taken this test. Market Size of UK card greeting market? The interview itself was pretty standard: It’s a standard paper test with circles to fill in. They interviewed me on the first day too – with examples very similar to those on the website. Flag this Item Cancel. I sent in my application on 16 Nov, a day before the deadline of 17 Nov, and haven’t heard from them yet.

Didn’t manage to proceed to the interview. The first round interview consists of two back to back interviews with Managers, these last 30 minutes and consist of a fit questions, a small case, and a chance to ask them any questions. Assessors are not looking for complete solutions to case studies.

How is this cse. They want to test how you respond to pressure and cope with stress. Consultants with successful marriages. D – thank you so much. The test wasn’t that much fun was it: It’s simple to set up. Overall, working at this company seemed incredible and I have no idea what put them off me, but I will be re-applying as soon as I can.


Can anyone enlighten me on the difference? This video on the general case interview is helpful and the interview playlist has some further worked through examples. The first round of interviews consisted of two cse Two days after completing the test I got an invitation for an interview.

Example tests should be linked to from their web sites – they are pretty standard anyway, nothing really cas specific training. Log in or register to post comments.

oc&c case study test online

They interviewed me on the first day too – with examples very similar to those on the website. They were not very challenging so don’t worry too much about them. Write an answer 3. Really strong company culture, very friendly interviewers.

This will replace the current featured interview for this targeted profile. Privacy Policy and Disclaimer. I applied on the 10th of November. A client has experience a surge in demand for their product, walk me through your analysis.


Acing the Case Study Assessment

The process took 1 day. The process took 3 weeks.

oc&c case study test online

What is your backround Help? You’ve already checked out SHL, and here’s 3 more:. How does your company compare?

OC&C Case Study Test –

Time from Manager to Partner. Just lots of percentages etc to do based on reading graphs and pie charts etc. Although I am travelling in China at the moment so can only get to here every few days!

So the list of potential questions is endless. Case in point will be a good studj to read to prepare for their online case study test.

OC&C Interview

However the design of those tests can differ a lot. Interview Questions Two one-on-one case based interviews. Interview Standard case studies market sizing etc and discussion of CV and extra curricular activities.