The photos must have a white to off-white background, be printed on thin paper with a glossy finish, and be unmounted and unretouched. And You need to type the rest of form. Hi Vamsee Thanks for replying. Tagged template for menu free , template for january calendar , template for luggage tags , template for meeting minutes in word , template for obituaries , template for uniform requirements , template for kids allowance , template for year plans for grade 9 , template for valentine s , template for hot wheels wall set Leave a comment. Below are the details i have gathered, please review and let me know if i am missing something. Hope my Card gets delivered soon. The employer did not provide appropriate evidence to prove the specialized knowledge of the beneficiary and the employer-employee relationship.

Can we change the mailing address after filing the L2 EAD application. I followed the same document which was shared by Saurabh in this page with some small addition to L1 beneficiary document. Thanks for your time. The petitioner also failed to provide certain crucial supporting evidence. If so, can you please guide me through the process. When you say visa, do you mean it is expired as per approval notice? Please help me for below questions:

I am also sending the paper-based application but I was trying to fill it in adobe and then taking the print out.

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If so, can you please guide me through the process. Here is the guidance for H4 EAD, check question 3. I have mentioned the category a as I was working as a software developer.


William’s Answers for Questions about L-1 Visa. Law Offices of Rajiv S. And it can l1x another 1. As I am trying to type, the item number 14 are not accessible to type. With this package, you get all oetter information you need and step-by-step knowledge of how to obtain the L-1A visa or L-1B visa.

I believe I did not get an RFE due to all the documents mentioned here was sufficient. Hi Sandy, Just wondering which centre did your application get processed?

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Vamsee, means you can technically go to the nearest USPS office and pick it up. Swmple have planing to visit him, so what should i do to get visa L2? Though the foreign related company had an unrelated business, our firm was able to justify why the beneficiary needed to be transferred to the U.

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The two identical passport-style photos must be 2 by 2 inches. Department of Homeland Security https: Hi Mamta, I have answer to few of your questions. Do NOT write hate speech, swear words, or get into fight. May i know how much time it will take to submit L2 EAD? The better way is that you can order our Complete Do-It-Yourself Package to help you going through the complicated process.

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Wish you luck and all the very best whose EAD are lwtter to get approved. Hi Sonya, i have one more question 1.

If yes, how can I submit the additional document to avoid the RFE. We also letyer several sample of petition cover letters, samples of filled petition form, complete petition checklists from yourself and from your employer, all the required USCIS forms, and detailed explanations of many petition related important issues.

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Guys, My EAD has been approved. How to Apply for L-1 Visa at a U.

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Can we send Money Order instead of check as my husband does not have any bank account yet? Cpver of Petition Cover Letter 2: Hi Guys, please reply… Can we send Money order from Publix?

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Hello, As mentioned above ccover of documents: We advised the client not to travel abroad and to fight in US for grant of an I Or should I get my extension done and then apply for her EAD. We provided extensive details regarding the job duties of the beneficiary for both the foreign entity position as well as the proposed US position.

USCIS approved the case.