Fire drills are conducted in all school campuses at regular intervals. Visitors are confirmed through prior appointment and are not allowed to bring bags onto campus. At Scholastica, the day starts with assembly or homeroom period for Class I onwards. Field trips to art exhibitions and musical performances are another way to broaden the minds of our students. The conference was a valuable experience and a very prestigious event for us as participants Extra-Curricular activities including theatre, music, art, sports, dance, debate, Math olympiad, Science fair, mock cabinet, spelling bee and material arts. Answered Feb 21,

Participation Award – For enthusiastic and active participation throughout the event. In addition, students in some campuses are able to access a nearby field for their physical education activities. We also invite parents to attend various school events and in junior classes, parents are invited to observe classes. American International School Dhaka web: The campuses of our junior schools have playing areas, and trained teachers supervise sports classes.

Sometimes, such activities as sports team practices and rehearsals or events are also held on weekends, with prior intimation and consent of parents.

Both the larger campuses in Uttara and Mirpur have full-time nurses who look after students who are unwell or injured.

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After school clubs are being offered from KG-II onwards and the following schplastica the list of clubs offered to the students in the Senior campuses. Scholastica has two multipurpose halls located in the Senior Section Uttara and Mirpur campuses. The workshops and the interactive learning experience taught us all to use our skills fully and to present them mirpir front of an audience.


There are quite a few. The students were thrilled and mesmerized by the immense natural beauty and historic ruins of buildings built by Hindu merchants during the British rule. Since then, Scholastica’s students have gone on school trips to compete in sports tournaments, leadership programs and cultural exchanges.

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It homewrk exciting and fun because we went with friends and teachers. Morning and Day Shifts. The price Amazon shows isn’t always the lowest.

At Scholastica, the day starts with assembly or homeroom period for Class I onwards. Debate Champions in different competitions times from Scholastica students homrwork Guatemala and Malaysia on human rights, women’s rights, security issues, and cultural issues.

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We are particularly proud of our sports teams, developed in both the Middle and Senior School, that have participated in countless tournaments and sporting events throughout Bangladesh, and the world, in countries such as Italy, India, Denmark, Australia and Sweden. Just click the link to search.

scholastica mirpur campus homework

Science Lab The science labs in the Senior Section Uttara and Mirpur campuses are designed according to international standards to provide our students with practical knowledge in conducting science experiments. Apart from the annual plays, for older students, which are the highlight of our arts calendar, we also participate in, and sometimes host, cultural events, art competitions and performances, concerts, fairs, festivals, and exhibitions.

Orientation Week is an orientation program for students and parents which are held on each campus before the commencement of the new academic session. The breaks are time for students to take refreshment and spend time with friends. Champion Runners Up Player of the Tournament. According to me Maple Leaf, European standard school, Academia, sunbeams, Dhanmondi tutorial are few of the best english medium schools in the New Dhaka area.


Various awareness programs are held to brief the students and parents about health concerns and other relevant issues: Currently the following sports teams represent Scholastica in various local and foreign tournaments: Students are taught various strokes and are given opportunities to improve their fitness. Maple Leaf Inernational school web: Both the larger campuses have Student Counselors who hold confidential counseling sessions with students to help them in their personal or academic affairs.

We maintain the highest standards in education to help each child realize their potential.

scholastica mirpur campus homework

This lists the highlights of the school-arranged trips that our students took throughout the academic year. The Aga Khan Schools. Scholastica has several junior and senior sports teams for boys and girls.

Aga Khan School, Dhaka web: Homeroom period is a time for Class Teachers to conduct activities that build team-spirit, teach discipline, counsel students on various issues, develop leadership skills, raise awareness of current affairs and the world, and also build healthy relationships among the students. If we are to prepare students for life, and for success in the modern day, then we must develop positive character attributes, skills and attitudes that go beyond academics.

A UN session was also conducted on water management and waste recycling.

scholastica mirpur campus homework