The fort is octagonal, with the north-south axis longer than the east-west axis. The First Code of Conduct. Water is drawn from the Yamuna via a tower, the Shahi Burj , at the northeast corner of the fort. It makes us remember the days of our slavery, and we should take a vow to work to uphold independence. The planning and aesthetics of the Red Fort represent the zenith of Mughal creativity which prevailed during the reign of Emperor Shah Jahan. The first was held between November and December at the Red Fort.

Retrieved 17 August It is a small, three-domed mosque carved in white marble, with a three-arched screen leading down to the courtyard. Retrieved 13 May The Daily Telegraph UK. It is situated on the west bank of the River Yamuna. Retrieved 1 January

Retrieved 29 July It makes us remember the days of our slavery, and we should take a vow to work to uphold independence.

Daily News and Analysis. This Fort has had many developments added on after its construction by Emperor Shahjahan. Nowadays our Prime Minister unfurls the national flag here on 15th August every year to observe the Independence Day and gives his message to the nation.

It is built of Stonewalls over 30 meters high in places. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. The bazaar leads to an open outer court, where it crosses the large north-south street shodt originally divided the fort’s military functions to the west from the palaces to the east.


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suort Director of Public Relations, Ministry of Defence. Every year on India’s Independence Day 15 Augustthe Prime Minister of India hoists the national flag at the Red Fort and delivers a nationally broadcast speech from its ramparts. Each monument speaks the history of our ancient India in its own way. Counterperspectives from the Margins.

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Retrieved 5 August Despite its position as the seat of Mughal power and its defensive capabilities, the Red Fort was not defended during the uprising against the British.

Encyclopedia of Architectural and Engineering Feats. We have provided many useful essays for school students on the topic essay on sports day celebration in school for class 1, 2, 3, Short Qika on ‘Diwali’ or ‘Deepawali’ Words. During Aurangzeb ‘s reign, the beauty of the gate was spoiled by the addition of bastions, which Shahjahan described as “a veil drawn across the face of a beautiful woman”.

Advanced Study in the History of Modern India: Spellman 1 Kn Notify me of new posts by email. Don’t Try to duplicate our Content. The once-silver ceiling has been restored in wood. Some buildings are in fairly-good condition, with their decorative elements undisturbed; in shoet, the marble inlaid flowers have been removed by looters.


Most of the fort’s precious marble structures were subsequently destroyed by the British following the Revolt of These decorations remain through the precious stones have long been taken esaay by robbers from time to time.

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Location in Delhi, India, Asia. Even before its commemoration as a monument of national importance, efforts were made to preserve it for posterity.

It was constructed in 16th century by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. The fort was plundered of its artwork and jewels during Nadir Shah ‘s invasion of the Mughal Empire in Short Essay on ‘Christmas’ Words.

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We have provided several essays in my classroom you can select any one essay accor Sgort Chowk, the well-known market of Delhi, is near the Red Fort.