These differently detailed levels morph into each other in order to achieve spatial continuity. In order to be accepted into a degree program at UAS Technikum Wien, prospective students must go through the admissions process:. It contains models with triangles in total. Finally, this technique was implemented in the game engine Unity in order to benefit from its features and so it can be easily incorporated in other Unity applications. This buffer is then used to perform the occlusion checks. Once this problem is solved, it will lead to automatization of white collar tasks, thereby freeing human potential for new endeavours. Remote access from external computers is possible as well:.

Finally a qualitative analysis of some well-known Mixed Reality apps and games will be performed with the research goal of finding suitable mechanics for Mixed Reality apps in the field of travelling. The medium of instruction is English. Furthermore a thorough theoretical background chapter is given, which provides essential knowledge for the reader to fully understand all aspects of the implementation. Students can conduct literature research here and either make use of media at the library or borrow them. There are nearly dormitories located throughout Vienna.

In comparison to a thread-based approach, waiting jobs can be resumed quicker in the fiber-based job system. In tschnikum last years the games sector produced many innovative low-cost technology devices in order to increase the level of immersion and thereby improve the game experience.

No previous specialized technical knowledge is required for the placement test. In the first semester, it is due at the time of enrollment, i. The implementation is visually incorporated in Tjesis as it interacts with the dynamic lighting and shadowing of a scene that may also comprise other rendered content.

In subsequent semesters, tuition is due at the beginning of each semester.


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The library currently has over 8, books, theses, magazines and CDs available. It was designed to be used from patients as well as from therapists, as it uses a new method of verifying the correct execution of exercises with a two-step-procedure. Deep learning is a relatively new type of machine learning which might be mater suited for this task.

They are offered as full-time, part-time or distance study degree programs.

Multitasking using a job system with fibers. EUR 19,70 Tuition fee: As Austria’s only purely technical university of applied sciences, UAS Technikum Wien offers more than 1, spaces in technical fields of study each year. In addition, the library offers access to the Science Direct database, access to the Electronic Magazine Library and links for research in other scientific libraries. Real-time terrain rendering has many applications, ranging from cartography and landscape planning to flight simulators and computer games.

technikum wien master thesis

This allows any technikm that is feasible within the Unreal Engine to be displayed with the Holoscope. Generally, written certification of the student’s German skills is required. Deep language understanding is a big problem for machines which, once solved, would lead to a massive qualitative increase in human computer interaction.

Master wiien Academic degree: The library at UAS Technikum Wien is connected to the libraries at Austria’s other universities and universities of applied sciences. The best result is achieved by a combination of classifiers using a majority voting system, with an average true positive to false positive rate of The main component of the admissions process is a personal interview between the prospective student and the program director.

In addition to this, a ray casting method for the terrain was developed, which is tecynikum by the data structure for rendering that contains different levels of detail.


Fachhochschule Technikum Wien

To classify the different types of moral systems in video games and to show their different possibilities and peculiarities, a new framework is postulated and its suitability is ensured by an exemplary video game implementation.

Morality and Ethics in Video Games. Geometry clipmaps are a technique that was first introduced in by Losasso and Hoppe, and it gives a solution to both the storage and the rendering efficiency problem. This thesis compares classifiers and combinations of classifiers with respect to their ability to recognize skin regions in images.

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The library team will be happy to answer any questions you may have! Skip technikym main content. The library currently has more than 20, pieces of media available, including books, master’s theses, magazines and CDs. In order to be accepted into a degree program at UAS Technikum Wien, prospective students must go through the admissions process:. Please use the online application form to apply www.

technikum wien master thesis

Definition of the field of studies. Fibers, which can briefly be described as some kind of programmerscheduled threads, offer a new way to schedule dependent and waiting jobs in a job system.

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The program director maeter responsible for all decisions in cases in which a written certification of the student’s German skills cannot be provided. It renders the terrain as a set of nested rectangular grids of different resolutions, which are centered about the viewer.

technikum wien master thesis

You can conduct research using the library’s search engine.