In designing the tunnel lining, a total of 18 design development studies were carried out to ensure that no aspect of the system’s operation was overlooked. A Project Management Perspective Delivered by: Chunnel Tunnel Facts eHow. In the target project, there were relatively few technical issues as state-of-the-art equipment was used. Transposition of Railway Safety and Interoperability Directives. See Appendix for more details.

Another shortfall that the Channel Tunnel faces now is the large difference between forecasted passenger volumes and actual passenger volumes to date. The trains running through the Channel Tunnel were to carry cars, buses and trucks as well. The final estimate for project cost towards the end was 15 billion USD, which was almost double the initial estimate of 7. Normally for large-scale projects, there are challenges with initial estimates, scope management, and the contract type. Among political hiccups from the British side, had been the change in government from Conservatives more capitalist to Labour more leftist. More time and detail should have been put into the design and planning of the project, and measures should have been implemented to prevent scope creep. Tunnelling and Underground Society, 1.

The other significant changes in the project had happened mostly in the last parts of its planning. Many documentary approvals were required from both participating national governments.

Moreover, there was no cunnel for the high strength concrete.

the chunnel project case study pmp

Back to Table of Contents. The specifications for British rolling stock and French rolling stock were not the same. The Implementation phase xhunnel both technical and management issues that arose during the course of the actual construction work.

Tunnel Excavation At the beginning of excavation,progress suffered as a result of some poor characteristics of the gray chalk, coupled with a great quantity of water influx. As mentioned earlier, the team treated the Channel Tunnel project as a reference case study.


The Channel Tunnel (Chunnel) Project Case Study

Meanwhile, it would also give rise to problems, such as issues with proper communication. One solution would be to consider the sub-projects themselves projwct reference-class forecasting, while the larger project has additional criteria. The hope is that most material risk are identified, quantified, and prioritized early enough so that an effective risk response strategy can be establish. Instead, if an alternative contract type had been chosen, for example cost- plus-incentive-fee CPIF contracts, would be a better fit for projects such as these.

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Help Center Find new research papers in: From a project management perspective, the construction was spearheaded by two governments and completed by two national construction teams on each side. Six tunnel boring machines were used on the English side and 5 on the French side to dig the tunnel. Instead, the analysis is strictly to identify best practices for future projects, treating the Channel Tunnel as a case study.

However, all efforts had been stopped due to political differences between the British and French rulership at the time. Towards the closeout phase, instead of trying to solve outstanding problems, much effort was focused on analyzing the sources of cost overruns and stkdy blame.

the chunnel project case study pmp

Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. View Section, The Chunnel Project: These efforts resulted in the successful completion of the Channel Tunnel, making it an interesting case to study.

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About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. The largest privately funded project ever undertaken. Click here to Expand all. Financing thus came from equity and loan capital markets.


the chunnel project case study pmp

This helped to frame the overall success of the project. However, there were some problems during the construction phase. As such, cost overruns were almost inevitable and these also contributed to the high number of claims disputes at the end of the project. In retrospect, project management was handled very well in this aspect. In order to confirm ground condition, it was decided that the service tunnel would always be driven not less than 1km ahead of the projecg rail tunnels to act as a plot.

Three others were used to cqse the marine rail tunnels and the service tunnel, beneath the seabed http: History The history cxse the Channel Tunnel began more than a few centuries ago.

Each party was interested only on its own priorities rather than focusing on a common solution that would favour all. This proposal included a The following examples illustrate some of the significant technical hurdles. This was because Chunnel was a unique project, both technically and administratively for various reasons.

Early tunneling efforts also ran into some problems on both the French and British sides.