Create a mind map answering these questions in your jotter. Violence and murder committed by The Stranger. The author shows that innocence is a fragile state, which can be taken away in a cruel manner. Can you think of examples? Uncaring setting that does not change because of a dead girl mirrors the uncaring society that Megan and Bobby inhabit. His name is never revealed as this is representative of an uncaring society and shows that the dangers that are posed to children are often hidden and unexpected.

What do you notice about them? The ending is still a shock to us. What does this reveal about wider society? The setting eventually consumes Megan and is as apathetic towards her death as society appears to be. Create a list in your jotter. Why is the setting so important in the story?

Write examples in your jotter 3 or 4. Remember, foreshadowing is when the writer gives you a clue about something that is going to happen later the in the story.

Alerts ships that land is near rocks, reefs, shallow waters Guidance and esaay Danger Vigilance keeping a look out Make sure you have all these written down. The man then kills her.

Lack of caring society -Why do you think the author never reveals the name of the parents, woman or the stranger? Download ppt “The Lighthouse by Agnes Owens.


Agnes Owens’ The Lighthouse | Mr McKenzie’s Higher Class

This means it was a deliberate act as he took his time. Fill in the body maps using evidence from the thf and quotes where possible…. Violence and murder committed by The Stranger.

She is suspicious of other adults. The setting stimulates the disagreement between Megan and Bobby.

the lighthouse agnes owens critical essay

The ending is still a shock to us. Megan eventually worries about her brother, showing her caring side. Predictions What do we qgnes associate with lighthouses? Hands — what do they do?

Highlight the relevant piece of text and label it. Start a separate list for each. What makes a monster?

the lighthouse agnes owens critical essay

Make sure that you can define the following words along with any others you have underlined. At three and a half years he had the face of an angel, but his appearance belied a strong determination to essya everything his own way. We think you have liked this presentation. In the quotation Megan is referring to a pretend monster and is using it to scare and manipulate Bobby.

What do they symbolise? What do you notice about them? As you read, underline any words that you may not know or are not sure about. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. What characteristics do they criticl In this unit of study you will learn how agnex Put them in the correct order as quickly as possible.


Which characters are introduced at the beginning of the story and what do we learn about each one? Published by Phebe Casey Modified over 3 years ago. Can you think of other examples from movies?

The Lighthouse by Agnes Owens.

Work in pairs and use a dictionary if needed. Glue down on the sheets of oighthouse. Can you think of examples? TASK Now look through the rest of the story and look for other examples of foreshadowing — clues that hint at the ending of the story.