This suggests that a narrative structure is essential in human existence if their reality in terms of knowledge or events is to be transmitted from one epoch or culture to another. He continued that his field of study was creating an authoritative voice- the voice of an observant ethnographer- but that he could never feel that sense of authority while in Egypt, essentially because he is Indian. Inside and Outside the Literary Marketplace: Not only is its historical information most interesting and valuable, but its descriptions of many parts of the earth are still authoritative. I also thank my friends who read and reread my work and stood by my side through this project.

But the enterprise of reclaiming and rethinking history has been criticized by Robert Dixon, for example, who feels that postcolonial revisionism of history has the tendency of investing in a utopian past by painting a nostalgic image. Once again, Ghosh presents the Global South with its rich interconnections and fluid mobility of its people until the West forced more aggressive forms of trade policies and rigid notions of borders. The recurrent theme that echoes throughout his bibliography is history and border crossing, both literal and figurative, by writing a text that allows for interrogating a relationship between both time and space. And, if it is indeed the victor who writes the history then it is not wrong to presume that the literary agency of the ruled population to write their public history, was not the only thing taken away from them but also their private history. Understanding the history of trade across the oceanic worlds will not only throw more light on the notion of transnational connections but also on the fluidity of boundaries that permitted a better mobility as compared to contemporary times. By doing so, the West has not only pooled together all the Eastern societies using a common denominator, but it has used this to define its own position as well.

In the Ibis Trilogy, it is Deeti who records the story of the clan in the form of cave engravings. By recounting their private histories alongside consequential historical events, he draws a parallel history in order to better understand the dominant Western historical narrative. Then as a construct, history does share a similarity with fiction. Foucault argues that it is possible to understand the norms, functions and the modes that are present in the discourse, which can eventually show how power spread during a time period.


White calls the person who has the authority to write an agent maker of history while the person being written about a commodity or a patient.

Because of the differing signifiers used, the power of the author-historian is limited to the fact that history is no longer capable of knowing the past in its exactitude; it can only enquire about it. To this, he also adds references from Indian and Chinese historians as well to give a balanced and fair position to his account.

Language in the Ibis Trilogy. The author in this case has the added advantage of a story space wherein he can, without the worriment of respecting historiographical conventions, investigate the amitxv historical narrative.

This arrival was more of an intervention in the existing cordiality between the other parts of the world. I do not cite this example as a generic statement in a way so as to make a post-colonial attack on Western historiography even though the time of its occurrence is important in a way that it happened before Europe took over the world stage.

The West is accused by Said and other postcolonial scholars and thinkers, including Homi Bhabha and Gayatri Spivak among others, of taking over the literary agency of the non-Western subject and misrepresenting or under-representing it in its historical tnesis.

Amitav Ghosh

Also, there will be a desire to create new meanings, which will create new story spaces every time the task is attempted. The map Tabula Rogeriana was widely used owing to its precision, transcending its Western versions in terms of the information that it provided. One of the cardinal characteristics of alternative history is its structure.

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She is fascinated by nationalism and freedom of her country even as a young girl in college. The main plot is set in Fanqui, a town that was the hub of opium trade between the Chinese nationals and foreigner merchants. It is a aimtav fact oj it reflects the political structure of those times. Revising historical data is to satiate the need and desire of the author-historian for newer meanings and to be able to look at past historical events under a new light.

Williams and Norgate,p.

The story space clearly references a part of the once real world, but in that reference the historian chooses to invoke who said what, who did what, assumes there are mechanisms which will explain to us why they did it, what agencies amitsv structures operate dwhat events were significant and which were not, and which amtav and arguments will be applied to explaining the meaning of it all.


What is then of utmost significance in modern-day understanding of historiography is the power dynamics involved in the process. Benjamin perceives this connection as an astrological constellation in which the historical events, linked with the help of a narrative structure, are presented to have been connected with each other.

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What is at stake here is the representation of the colonialized, who need to be produced in such a manner as to justify colonial domination […]. The resulting differences in the authorial representation of history is also due to what White sees as the story space.

thesis on amitav ghosh

Historicism contents itself with establishing a causal connection between various moments in history. The novel narrates the story of a Bengali family through a nameless narrator. The plot is indispensable in weaving the narrativized events so that human beings can make sense of them and understand their own lives and how they change in respect to these events. Yet, through the character of Balaram, Ghosh demonstrates that science was reshaped in the Indian amitav.

Goody likens the beginning of European domination to mercantilism during the Renaissance period and eventually through conquest and colonization.

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New characters are introduced in Flood of Fire, as Britain finally declares war on China to restore the opium trade. The coast is by nature non-linear and functions through fluctuance.

An author of a fictitious work has the liberty to imagine or invent events if the plot demands it. Western historiography, in its teleological progression, has operated on not just the form of its historical discourse but also on its content.

The use of the term inferential in both the definition and the distinction made is of much consequence.