Test for non-response bias on the basis of organisational characteristics Table 5. Relatives often serve as a solid base of support for those starting a business Bragard et al, A survey carried out by Braganza and Myers reveals that managers need to focus upon and manage some key issues when implementing BPR such as: It is believed that and assignment this will result in increasedmotivation, job satisfaction, quality of work life, and job performance Hackman and Oldham, ; Janz, Evaluation and reward structures may also need to be and Martinsons, ; Baxton and Lisburn, ; Quinn, as they modified to behaviours and attitudes Kerr and Slocum, Please refer to the repository record for this item for information to help you to cite it. Business strategies change as competition increases speed, flexibility, quality and cost efficiency are pursued simultaneously Stalk and Hout,

Kuhn argues that the single perspective designed for research in normal science overlooks the anomalous quality of human experience. Risk is usually accompanied with uncertainty, disruption, resistance, and similar effects of introducing discontinuous change Hyde, Relative strengths of case study and survey methods Janson collaboration and mandate thus points out that strong leadership from the top can help to overcome the resistance provoked by radically new behaviour. However, he advocates that BPR is best combined with improvement both concurrently across different processes and in a cycle of programmes, for a single process. The actuality of BPR in times of economic downturn was evaluated.

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However, there has been little empirical testing to confirm any of these approaches. Interpretivism does not seek to claim a proof of its findings, but provide descriptions of a study being researched and see if they are true or accurate Boland, Ingenieurwissenschaften – Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Prozessorientierte Organisationskonze Angus et al argue that BPR is purposely fundamental in that it concentrates on what the desired outcome should be and rejects conventional thinking.

It is argued that a pluralistic researchapproachis the for this study. In a study by Dixon et altwo types of training are identified: The above concepts of BPR have been addressed in a broad re-engineering literature. Increasingly, BPR is perceived as a form of organisational change which requires strong management commitment, team-based operation, and proper human resource management e.

BPR can be measured by organisational performance and the project team’s Dixon et al, Malhotra have et al developed the key emphasis on these issues based primarily on an integrative synthesis of the recent literature from organisation theory, organisation control, strategy, and MIS. As a cost-cutting strategy, re- engineering may involve the empowerment of individuals to take on greater responsibility Jick,while employees unaccustomed to shared responsibilities may perceive re-engineering as a threat to their jobs Klimas, ; Springsteel,or employees become overwhelmed by work loads Witherill and Kolak, Kaplan also points out that the majority of SM[Es adopt technology without acquiring IS skills, while DeLone comments that a lack of knowledge about the possibilities, limits, and requirements of business computing can causeSMEs to depend too much on vendors, misunderstandtheir own information requirements, or under-use or mismanage their information resources.


Since re-engineering engagements have considerable cross-functional impacts, Recardo and Jones propose using project management to enable vision, objectives, and scope of re-engineering on target and allow it to be completed on time and within budget.

This has led many authors to postulate the value of aligning re-engineering efforts with business strategy in increasing the chance of BPR success Luftman Davidson, ; Groverto that BPR et al, ; et al, and argue initiatives should take place within a strategic business context Wastell et al, Typically teams include a flexible mix of line managers and internal experts Dixon et al, According to Grover et alIT infrastructure can be a significant barrier or enabler of the to planning and changing processes for BPR.

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Stanworth and Gray believe that informal controls can be more effective than formal controls under which the individual trntang escape attention when they are only one of a large number. Hammer claims that any firm can adhere to the principle of re-engineering regardless of size, and a small firm merely needs to ensure that they do not fall into the same traps as larger companies as they expand.

Evaluation and reward structures may also need to be and Martinsons, ; Baxton and Lisburn, ; Quinn, as they modified to behaviours and attitudes Kerr and Slocum, A strategicvision as well as sound external relations leverage SMEs’ re-engineeringefforts to higher businessintegration, while a lack may financial support and non-standardisedIS infrastructure may restrict SMEs’ BPR of initiatives to functional areas.

Nor tentaang researchers made any attempt to explore process-basedrather than content-based attributes of strategy.


This is reflected tenang one study of personnel functions in smaller firms that the areas of accounting, finance, production, and marketing usually take precedenceover human resource management McEvoy, This enables a comparison and with extension of the previous findings from the survey allow the to researcher revise the framework of SMEs undertaking BPR.

The main purposes of re-engineering in the case studies Introducing new technologies without acquiring IS skills in SM[Es may result in excessive dependence on vendors and consultants Kaplan, Their positioning in niche markets is often based on a small number of customers Hendry et al, Such business transformation is often enabled and facilitated by modem IT e. This chapter has thdsis the major components of business re-engineering and highlighted the issues tntang to SMEs.

Job redesign is also important Doherty challenge Horsted, Again, Meuse and Bergmann argue that small-business owners and managers must learn to relinquish their need for control over the work environment. Davenport and Short propose that IT and BPR have a recursive relationship, emphasising the combination of process and technological innovations.

I wish to express my gratitude to all the individuals and organisations who participated in this research and kindly offered constructive opinions and invaluable ideas.

BPR in the Pharmaceutical Industry

As Flynn emphasises, ‘re- engineering from a social perspective involves changes to jobs and the social structure in npr to increase motivation, to reduce stress and to improve performance by empowerment’. Integrated information systems can facilitate and support value-added business by processes eliminating time and distance constraints, and improving both communications and information processing Martinsons, ; Keen, ; Vantrappen, ; Smeds, The global infon-nation age, and its attendantchangesrequire a re-examinationof the traditional business paradigm Br and West, Like their larger counterparts, SNffis are in a better position to carry out BPR projects with top management support, previous quality management experiences, and empowered employees.

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thesis tentang bpr