I have recently proposed my own thesis topic to an academic outside of the School of ITEE who is keen on having me work on this topic since it aligns with his research. For electronic submission, you should name your thesis pdf in the following manner: Please be aware, all members of the candidate’s advisory team will need to attend ALL milestones – including seminars and interviews – either in person or via skype. Unlike the earlier progress seminars, there is no central scheduling for this event since there is no requirement for other students to attend. I was wondering if I would be able to enrol in my thesis next year as I am now a 3rd year going onto 4th year. Students who wish to undertake a specialised thesis topic should complete the sign-up process as soon as possible after the information session:

They are usually only suitable for a small number of students i. There are two types of project on offer: Below you will find information to assist you with your thesis. While the formatting is different, the thesis could be structured like such a paper. Supervisors will pre-book blocks of sessions for their students – a draft copy of the Semester 1, supervisor schedule is available here. The thesis will be marked by both the supervisor and examiner using the thesis marksheet.

Please see each the link to each milestone for information on the supporting evidence required.

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The next information session for students commencing a thesis in Semester 1, will be held us Monday, 4 March. I have contacted the relevant supervisors and they have said it is fine for me to enrol into this topic if I wish.


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If you are doing a dual degree you can enrol at the end of your ITEE degree. After looking into the thesis topics in the project database https: This is easily done on the settings page. Thesis Project Proposal Tips: The settings create a high quality output with a reasonable file size.

Since your final year starts in semester 2, this would be the earliest you can enrol. Already have itwe account?

Thesis (Final Report)

But there is a method to this! Please refer to the Thesis Submission Information page for thesjs information. Students should ensure they are enrolled into the appropriate Thesis Project Course as soon as enrolments open for the following semester. Use a self explanatory directory structure and include some readme. Tips for creating a professional looking document: Regardless of the type of project selected, all thesis projects are individual, and the assessment items are the same.

Bachelor of Engineering – ITEE Majors – Thesis Students – Advice Session

I have recently proposed my own thesis topic to an academic outside of the School of ITEE who is keen on having me work on this topic since it aligns with his research. If you are planning to commence a thesis in Semester 1, you must attend one of the following information sessions:. The material should be prepared in a fashion that suits oral presentation and gives justice to the progress made so far. Below you will find information to assist you with your thesis.


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Check your course profile for the date and time applicable to you. Coursework Studies will forward the report to your academic supervisor. Their marks will contribute equally towards tuesis component of the assessment.

When contacting prospective supervisors, please include the information as per this template.

Please include words along the following lines clearly somewhere on the cover thesks of your submission: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above.

As an example, please see: This should be taken into consideration when nominating multiple Associate Advisors or advisors who are external to UQ.

thesis uq itee

If you delay too long the projects you are interested in may be allocated to another student or your preferred supervisor may reach their capacity. Insert image from URL.

Compulsory Information Sessions for Sem 1, commencing thesis students. Page history last edited by Thesjs 7 months ago. Projects are advertised on the day following the Information Session though additional projects may be added at any time.

thesis uq itee

If using some other mechanism, please ensure you use appropriate settings to ensure a similar result. Since it is worth 4 units you should only be taking a maximum of 4 additional units in this last semester.