Source of Fund and Budget The project report is also a piece of work which may carry special weight in references written on your behalf so do take it seriously. Show how the project proposal was further refined and clarified, so that the implementation stage could go smoothly rather than by trial and error. A typical project report extends to around 40 pages, with significant variance around this depending on the nature of the project being reported. Equations, figures and tables should have numbers, captions and should be referenced from the text. These projects should involve the main activities associated with the development of a well-engineered system for carrying out the particular task required by the project:

The academic members of staff at the department are very knowledgeable on a wide range of subject areas. The deduction comes into play immediately after the 4pm deadline, when the first day starts to be counted. List of Tables This should list, with page numbers, all the tables in the report, in the order in which they appear in the text. Quotations and footnotes can be in single spacing in a font size of Quality counts more than quantity.

If you feel that you are unable to proceed with a project, you should discuss the situation with your supervisor. Can they be handled satisfactorily using University procedures?

Your report must be printed on A4 size white paper. The original aspect of your work can come from a variety of sources. It is up to you to make the most of this opportunity and use it to prove your competence.

You should also be aware that the electronic copy of your project report will be submitted to anti-plagiarism software for checking. formar

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In terms of content, TE shall cover the introductory stages of a project, from the definition and specification of the prooosal and its objectives, to the literature review, methodologies to be used, schedule of activities, data collection, initial design and cost estimates of the project.


The second role of a supervisor is to act as an independent arbiter, to judge progress during the project and highlight any causes for concern, as well as to mark independently both your efforts and achievements.

udsm research proposal format

Towards the end of each section try to give a pointer towards the next section, thus giving continuity to the project report as a whole. The deduction comes into play immediately after the 4pm deadline, when the first day starts to be counted.

Directorate of Postgraduate Studies – Directorate of Postgraduate Studies

Has the student presented a project plan? You are requested to plan your project work properly and to keep all staff informed in order to avoid overloading particularly towards the end of semesters. List of Symbols, Abbreviations and Nomenclature This should list, with page numbers, all the abbreviations used in the report, in alphabetical order.

You should be prepared for meetings with your supervisor.

udsm research proposal format

You should discuss this with your supervisor early in the life of the project and it will probably help to look at some previous project reports. Note that formar effective management of your time can be a major factor in the reswarch of your project. Make sure that your description is short and to the point, yet contains enough details for the assessment panel to understand what the project is about, so that you are given the green light to start your project as early as possible.

Submission propoal The final deadline for submission of final project reports is Thursday 4pm of week Your project is an important piece of work. Remember that your supervisor may have other things to do other projects to look after, research, teaching, adminand may not always be immediately available.

If an extension is granted the project coordinator will ensure that the student is informed in writing with a copy sent to their supervisor and departmental student researh, defining the new deadline.

The text should be in 1. Equations, Figures and Tables: They can be a definition, quotation or any other bit of information needed. Sample output, tables of timings and photographs of workstation screens, oscilloscope traces or circuit boards may be included.


Any queries regarding possible commercial exploitation of any products from a project should be referred formah the project coordinator in the first instance. College level creative writing prompts.

The general, somewhat trite, guideline is that the report should be as long as is necessary and no longer! Get in touch with your supervisor and discuss the issue, trying to see whether there is an easy way to side-step the problem. This increases your chances of having identified any potential problems with your project, and having raised as many good questions concerning your project, that can be settled or clarified during the seminar.

Your report must be printed on A4 size white paper. The oral presentation is also intended to assess your ability to deliver a forkat presentation in which you outline the results of your project investigations.

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You tormat bear in mind that the examiners will require submission of your prototype, project report and code. The aim of the oral presentation and demonstration session is to give a panel of assessors a feel for how much you have achieved, the quality of your work in the project and the amount of work and effort that you have put in.

Assessors are well aware that large programs will very likely porposal some residual bugs. The organization has also experimented with the use of open source software and thin client technology in an effort to lower the cost of acquisition.

udsm research proposal format

Some of the things that will be considered when assessing your achievements include: