We have built headroom through AMP6 to put ourselves in the best position going into AMP7, and are putting forward the best business plan that gives us a good opportunity to deliver for our shareholders as well as our customers through continued performance improvements. Steve Mogford, Chief Executive Officer, said, “Our business plan sets out our ambition to build on our achievements in AMP6 and deliver a better quality, more reliable water and wastewater service for customers in the North West of England to and beyond. Despite years of research, news stories concerning plastics and the pollution of the marine and water environment have The North West of England continues to face a particularly tough economic environment. Although we have assessed that certain sub-elements of the appointee cost of capital are, on an individual basis, set at the very low end of or even below an acceptable range, we have been able to adopt the Ofwat early view WACC on an overall basis, as part of the risk and return balance and price control package set out in our full business plan document. Competing in the Scottish market is also helping to build our knowledge ahead of the full opening of the English business market in

It said it would implement a “bold strategy of innovation with further advancements in Systems Thinking capability”. Debt management continues to be a significant area of focus for us as we seek to use best practice in the recovery of debt and in helping customers back into making regular payment through use of manageable payment plans. This can demonstrate unusual or unexpected water consumption which can help identify leaks on their premises or changes in practices on-site. We, along with these other nine companies, comprise the vast majority of the total water and wastewater sector, as depicted on the pie chart on the right. Risks can be in the form of possible non-compliance with existing laws or regulations or failure to meet the terms of our current —15 regulatory contract.

united utilities amp6 business plan

We have also made substantial contributions towards customer affordability schemes out of shareholder funds. In addition, we offer and are continuing to develop a broad range of value-added services for business customers. United Utilities’ contribution to the regional economy over — is estimated at.


united utilities amp6 business plan

European Union environmental legislation will require us and other UK water companies to incur additional capital investment to ensure compliance with more businexs standards. We have applied PAYG rates broadly consistent with operating costs which includes infrastructure renewals expenditure as a proportion of totex for each price control.

Under this arrangement, the new water supplier would buy water directly from the regional water company and be allowed to use their network for this water supply. Debt management continues to be a significant area of focus for us as we seek to use best practice in the recovery of debt and in helping customers back into making regular payment through use of manageable payment plans.

United Utilities plan proposes cuts of 10.5% on customers’ bills

In addition, as a publicly listed FTSE company, the other UK and worldwide listed utilities are competitors from an investment perspective. Depreciation determined by RCV run-off and post depreciation.

It said it would implement a “bold strategy of innovation with further advancements in Systems Thinking capability”. Average household bill pre PAYG advancement and revenue re-profiling. Ofwat is introducing a number of important changes for the —20 AMP6 price review, with the aim of evolving the sector in order to meet future challenges and placing greater focus on customers’ needs.

In adopting Ofwat’s early view WACC guidance for the plan, we are committing to a plan that delivers the best affordability for customers on an efficiently financed basis.

Water industry reveals details of revised PR19 plans

Useful Links Downloads list. No further details were revealed. We collect water from the environment, purify and distribute it to our customers before collecting it, treating it, and then returning it back to the environment. Read our cookie policy for further details.

The next steps in the price review process are shown in Our business plan Akp6 ahead, under the new Water Act, introduced in Maythe water supply threshold will be reduced further to zero for non-household customers and also be expanded to include sewerage as well as water services, with a target date of at the earliest.

We were granted a Scottish licence in Octoberfollowing a successful application. Capital Maintenance comes to the fore The tight cost of capital set by Ofwat for PR19 will mean water companies will need to place the emphasis on maintenance Newsletter Sign up today for your daily news alert and weekly roundup.


Overall cost of debt RPI real. We are cutting bills such that they will be lower in real terms in than they were 15 years ago, whilst also delivering higher standards of service, increasing resilience, am6p innovation and investing for the long-term.

United Utilities’ Water Division Submits Business Plan Covering Period | Markets Insider

Natural England is responsible for the protection of designated sites for nature conservation, e. Louise Beardmore, the company’s customer services director, said: We submitted our business buusiness to Ofwat on 2 December and the key features of this plan are set out in Our business plan We provide services to approximately three uited households in our region and this generates around two thirds of our total revenues.

Direct economic contributions from our activities include the purchase of goods and services and providing extensive employment. United UtilitiesresilienceAMP7ofwat.

We also face risks in relation to potential future changes in legislation or regulation, particularly with regard to the —20 price review period. The table below identifies the costs included within the building blocks of the allowed revenue: United Utilities CEO Steve Mogford had said in May that the Systems Thinking approach had been the cause of the company’s success during the ‘Beast from the East’, adding that it was “a differentiator and is setting new benchmarks for the industry”.

Smart metering enables customers to monitor their water usage by providing regular, detailed consumption data. Ofwat provided an initial view on our plan through its pre qualification decisions publication in March and subsequently shared detailed feedback with the company, which we are currently assessing.