Body paragraphs The first sentence of this paragraph is the topic sentence. A bit more interesting than but still crap. These are very easy writing activities done in tutorial but they are not graded activities – you literally just have to write something and it will count as a mark. Failure to do so could lose you marks or, worse still, constitute plagiarism. PLEASE Bruce I am hoping you will see this and change your ways, as I would honestly be in a much better position for the upcoming assessments if I were free to pursue learning in a way that I know is most effective for me.

This course was probably the most engaging and interesting course I have taken so far at uni. Technology affects the way teachers teach and students learn. If you have any questions about the essays presented below or about upcoming editions of Histeria! This review was posted on December 09, Sucks because this has forever altered my GPA.

Person below thinks this is geology, this essa geography In this video, English historian Simon Schama talks about what he thinks history ought to look and sound like in the 21st century. Took the paper as it fit my timetable and I was surprised how good it was who knew urbanism was about how we live in cities??

On the whole, it’s straightforward as a course but with a number of elements e. This review was posted on November 17, Was slightly better having the special room for group activities around a table, compared to bus where we had to try and work in groups in lecture rooms esaay bio which was really awkward and difficult.


Overall terrible course, very unenjoyable and boring content.

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Tutors are very nice and can be very approachable during the lecture, tutorial or their office hours. However, Evijah as a lecturer is pretty boring fofmat her accent is hard to understand at first. The title of the book is always in italics. The Social Historian — A. The skills a child learns are the important part of any lesson, and it is the same with technology.

uoa essay format

Who is the content manager by role Approved by: This course explores urbanism in both historical and contemporary cities to determine the essence of urbanity and the way that citizens and visitors experience city life. Don’t take this if you’re not a first year.

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I didn’t find the lectures that helpful but the tutorials were REALLY helpful as you practiced the essays and writing assignments. This review was posted on November 20, Took this in semester 1 To place a vote you must have an account. This is the biggest crap i have ever dealt with. Here is a tip: However, many schools mistake this as incorporating information technology into the curriculum. If anyone is in a position like me where you sssay switching from a Bcom to a Bsc or any degree reallyfulfill the science faculty’s AELR requirement, boost your GPA, or take a gen ed that’s accepted throughout all faculties, this paper can cover all of them.


Definitions The following definitions apply to this document: Businesses can’t be taught, and if the facilitators were good, they should be like Bill Gates by now.

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This review was posted on August 05, Books, Websites and Articles. Perhaps it was because our tutor gave crap advice? Produced and curated by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, this website is full of interesting biographies and media resources about NZ history.

It was clear she had never taught this paper before and just made this paper even more tedious. Tutor Sarah-Jean was cool. I think your enjoyment of this paper really depends on your tutorial group and your tutor, as the overall concept of it is pretty basic: If you take this paper you should go to every class up until the first test.

I’m not sure how they want the mobility exercise to be written beyond “make it dry” and “suppress personality” which is not exclusive with academic language because I got a decent mark just over 80but got some pretty strong criticisms. This review was posted on October 22,