Demand for, and delivery of, services are susceptible to a number of external influences, including economic conditions and bad weather. Our customer operations team aims to provide answers to all inbound communications first time. Learning materials for theory test have developed significantly in recent years; supporting development of understanding and discouraging the rote learning of questions and answers. DSA is a government trading fund, financed almost entirely by the income generated from the fees we charge for our services. We will continue to make progress in reducing energy and water use across all DSA sites. The transport of dangerous goods is regulated in order to prevent and limit the effect of, as far as possible, accidents. DSA seeks to deliver its services in a way that underpins a strong economy and just society while operating within environmental limits.

The risk policy and guidance is refreshed annually. This growth is across all 3 areas of vocational practical test demand. We value the constructive working relationships we have developed with key stakeholders and intend to continue to work closely with them to ensure that all relevant knowledge, understanding and expertise is involved in progressing our shared goal of improving road safety. All new drivers of large goods vehicles, and bus and coach drivers, who wish to drive professionally, are required to pass the initial Driver CPC qualification while also holding the appropriate vocational licence. DSA will continue to support government initiatives such as the government digital strategy and details are included throughout this plan. This is called the motoring services strategy, which is about putting the consumer and business at the heart of what we do. Is this page useful?

Following the success of working with external stakeholder interests from a special educations needs perspective on the theory test init is intended that this approach will be extended to other services, including the practical test in Our newly published national standards describe the skills, knowledge and understanding needed by drivers and riders to be a safe, responsible and respectful road users and what instructors need to know or be able to do, to deliver effective training.

The executive board monthly review of corporate risks provides guidance to managers on how to respond to risks they have identified.


Our customer operations team aims to provide answers to all inbound communications first time. We are working with suppliers to adapt to changes such as the introduction of the new paper and food Government Buying Standards.

Key performance indicators, designed to ensure that the service meets the requirements of candidates, are monitored carefully to ensure compliance.

DSA aspires to be the main, trusted source of information for driving and riding standards in Great Britain and to positively influence thinking around driver and rider behaviour. The end of finds Driving Standards Agency DSA leaner, fitter, smarter and in good shape to deliver on some of the changes coming up over the next 2 years. We are proud that DSA is an Investors in People organisation and our accreditation will be fully reviewed and reassessed in Thank you for your feedback.

A trial of mobile technology for driving examiners, new computer generated hazard perception clips and publications available nationwide in print, e-book, DVD, software and smartphone application formats are just some of the ways we will be demonstrating our determination to become a digital by default organisation by Work is also continuing to develop an iterative, agile approach to IT change management.

Read the full debate on this important, interesting and complex issue at: The agency uses DfT shared services, which will be divested in The quality assurance programme proposed for and aims to:. We will continue to respond to reviews and other feedback and carry out research to improve the range and quality of resources.

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To help us improve GOV. We aim to communicate, promote and embed an anti-fraud and bribery culture by raising staff awareness of these issues. They make theory and The Highway Code more interesting, and even fun, and relevant to drivers and riders practical experience on the road. This is reported to the Sustainable Development Board quarterly.

Driving Standards Agency business plan, 2013 to 2015

We recognise that our operations cause a number of significant environmental impacts and that we have a responsibility to ensure that new drivers and riders use the roads safely while minimising emissions. This will ensure that DSA continues to meet the needs of our customers.


vosa business plan 2013-14

Is buwiness page useful? From a service delivery perspective, there is an increased focus on understanding the impact of our services on protected characteristic groups. Internal health and safety assurance is monitored through a regime of auditing and inspections undertaken by health and safety teams and external professionals such as Crown Fire Bisiness. This growth is across all 3 areas of vocational practical test demand.

Whatever lies ahead and with the support and expertise of DSA staff and our partners, we will continue to focus on working together to promote safe and responsible driving and riding to make sure our roads in Great Britain remain among the safest in the world. DSA will continue to work with the businesss training industry and progress implementation of our review of how and where we deliver motorcycle tests in order to be more responsive to the needs of our customers.

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Supporting delivery of our plan 6. We aim to maintain and improve the capability of our driving examiners against the background of changing requirements through a flexible programme of business specific, technical training. This vosw curriculum — linked to the introduction of a new Civil Service Competency Framework — will form the basis for the provision of generic skills and knowledge development for all our staff.

This plan sets out the measures, outcomes and important programmes that the DSA aims to deliver during and This is audited regularly to ensure that our controls are operating effectively.

We will continue to develop our popular and effective digital communications. A single corporate equality and diversity team continues to promote and lead on staff related equality and diversity issues across DfT.

vosa business plan 2013-14

It is planned to improve driving examiner efficiency through the use of mobile devices and these will be continued to be developed and trialled and then rolled out to all examiner staff. We also plan to undertake full investigations of suspected illegal driving instructors.