Erik Ofgang specializes in journalism, literary nonfiction, literary journalism, and PR writing. Laura Hayden specializes in creative nonfiction, business and medical writing. That appealed to me not only as a reader but something to strive for as a writer. All are welcome to attend and read. But I love having written.

He teaches all levels of writing courses. Of course it is. All are welcome to attend and read. His writing interests include short fiction, literary-historical fiction, travel writing, writing about adventure, nature, and the outdoors, and novels for young adult and middle grade readers. Pantsers go by the seat of their pants, without any planning or very little. He writes about Elizabethan drama and rhetoric.

wcsu creative writing

Mark also teaches advertising, business communications, marketing communications and public relations as an adjunct professor at Baruch College, New York University and Manhattanville College. Creatve hat is something unique about you?

What is your process? Additionally, the student will work in a multigenre workshop each semester, which will involve reading, critiquing, and possibly writing in disciplines other than the two specializations. In fiction especially, those two approaches are described as two camps: He has also written about baseball travel for ESPN.


Our students have been published recently by Clemson University Press, McSweeney’s, Prime Books, Christian Science Monitor, and Newsweek and have won national and regional awards in poetry, fiction, and screenwriting. Anne is a contributing writer and blogger for MariaShriver. All that stuff was going on in my everyday life, so I made a conscious effort to find books that would take my mind off those sorts of things and lead my thinking elsewhere. Pierce, Jason Leopold, Terese Svoboda, and many others.


Dan Pope specializes in fiction and creative non fiction. These awards memorialize two emeritus members of our department and recognize the excellent work of writiing of our undergraduate writers.

Essays about Life Transitions by Women Writers, is a collection of stories about change, adversity and celebration. As principal of Anne W Associates, Anne consults with clients on strategic communications and change management. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

He and his wife wriitng watching plays, attending concerts, and walking the family dogs. Of course it is.

wcsu creative writing

She is a former corporate communications executive for GE and The Hartford. The student will attend four residencies over the course of the program. Additionally, the student will be required to complete an enrichment project that complements the course of study. I am pleased to invite you, on behalf of the students, to two opportunities to hear some ceeative the amazing work written by WCSU Writing Majors this semester. All course work other than the online multigenre workshop follows the mentorship model, where each course consists of one-on-one consultation between one mentor and one student.

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This site uses cookies. Pearl Jacket and Other Stories: I loved playing cops and robbers when I was growing up, either in my head or with friends. The MFA in Creative and Professional Writing seeks to provide writers with the skills they need wcsy maintain professional writing careers.


Last summer she was the recipient of a writing residency at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts in Nebraska. Titles include When the Purple Mountain Burns. How do you deal with critics?

Getting published is just one step on wcsh staircase of the writing life. Come celebrate the end of the semester and our newly-minted MFA grads!

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Cdeative yes, there is still a difference. The program welcomes students from diverse educational backgrounds; no degree in English or in any humanities field is required. So as creatives, we need to distinguish between matters of taste and opinion vs.

wcsu creative writing

But I love having written. He lives and writes in Hilton Head, South Carolina. She is a member of the fulltime faculty at Lehman College, where she is also the director of the Program for Professional Communications.